In Hawaii, Nick wakes up and finds Bridget already dressed and ready for the day. The concierge stops by and gives them a gift basket and then leaves to give them some privacy, which they utilize.

Owen and Jackie fly to Hawaii on a private jet, which Jackie obtained after turning in their commercial tickets. They have sex in the bed on the jet and anticipate their vacation.

Taylor tells Stephanie she hasn’t heard from Ridge and assumes it means he and Brooke are working things out. Stephanie doesn’t think so and urges Taylor not to give up.

Brooke and Ridge talk about their relationship after being interrupted last night at the wedding by the babysitter who needed Brooke to come home. Ridge tells her he took Taylor’s anti-anxiety medication and Brooke wishes she could have been the woman to make him feel relaxed. However, she believes they can get what they once shared back. Ridge hopes so, but isn’t so sure. He says it pretty much depends on her. Ridge tells her he’s been so messed up for so long and didn’t think he could come out from under it. It happened though and he could breathe again. He doesn't want to hurt her, but he can’t lie to her either, so he confesses that he had sex with Taylor.

As Bridget enjoys the beauty of the island, Nick is distracted by the beauty of his wife. He says he’s done with the outdoors and was thinking more 'bed area.'

Owen and Jackie get to their suite in Hawaii and are greeted by the same concierge as Nick and Bridget.

Nick and Bridget go back to their room, which is next door to Owen and Jackie. As Nick and Bridget go in their room and get cozy, Owen and Jackie run out of theirs, just missing each other. Bridget’s phone rings, as she and Nick kiss and she answers, despite Nick’s pleas not to. It’s a sales call and after she hangs up, Nick puts a do not disturb sign on the door and hides the phone, so they can go back to making out. However Nick’s phone rings and he answers a call from Clarke who tells him Jackie is missing in action.

Jackie and Owen hit the beach and he wants to teach her how to surf. Jackie at first declines, but then decides to give it a shot.

Nick tells Clarke Jackie is probably at home with Owen and tells him to go over there to check it out. After he hangs up, Nick sees two people kissing on the beach, but doesn’t realize it’s his mother and ‘six pack.’

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