The reception is in full swing, as Felicia and Thorne tell their father they are leaving the company because it is now run by Logans.

Owen and Jackie take note of the conversation between Eric, Felicia and Thorne and Owen says whatever strife is going at FC is good for them, but Jackie doesn’t take any pleasure in it.

Brooke wants to know what Ridge was going to tell her earlier, but Taylor interrupts saying Steffy and Rick want to talk to them.

Nick glowers at Jackie and Owen dancing together and Bridget tells him to let it go reminding him it’s their wedding day.

Jackie worries if Stephanie warms up to Eric, she might leave Jackie M. Owen tells her not to worry and that he has a surprise for her.

Steffy and Rick tell Ridge, Brooke and Taylor that they are taking things slow and will not sleep together. Brooke and Taylor think it is a good move and Steffy says she will spend her summer learning about Rick and will be more confident about their relationship. Ridge doesn’t trust Rick, so he can’t go along with this. Steffy wants him to support them like Brooke does.

Stephanie brings Eric a drink and he tells her Felicia and Thorne have quit the company. She says they’ve been unhappy since he married Donna, but he counters it’s because he took her for granted and allowed her to leave. Stephanie says his problems with the family and business started the day he married Donna.

Nick wants to get out of there so he can take Bridget on their honeymoon, which is a surprise, but first, Nick asks Clarke to keep an eye on Owen while he’s away. He tells him to call if anything shifty goes down.

Stephanie approaches Taylor about her night with Ridge, but she doesn't want to talk about it, as she watches Ridge and Brooke go into the chapel.

Brooke asks Ridge again what’s going on, but as he begins to tell her, Bridget and Nick walk in saying they are about to leave.

Clarke tells Jackie Owen is lucky and that she is talented. She counters that Owen is talented in his own way, but Clarke just thinks he’s smooth and he will have that tested right now, as they watch Nick approach Owen. Nick tells Owen he better be gone by the time he gets back. As things escalate, Bridget drags her groom away and everyone throws petals at them as they leave.

Eric tells Felicia and Thorne they are not leaving the company and instructs them to meet him at the office first thing tomorrow.

Bill and Katie dance and he reminds her about her passing out in his hotel room. Banter ensues and she calls him charming. He thinks she has to beat guys off with a stick, but she’s on to him as she saw him eyeing Donna all night.

Ridge tells Taylor he wants to salvage his marriage to Brooke and wants to tell her about their night together.

Brooke tells Ridge she wants him to come home, but Ridge says he can’t because of Rick. The more he sees them, the more hopeless things seem for him. He needs to tell her something and leads her away.

Nick carries Bridget onto a private jet, which has a bed in it. He lays her down and they start to go at it. After they consummate their marriage, Nick tells her they are going to Hawaii.

Back at the reception, Owen gives Jackie tickets to Hawaii and says they leave tonight.

Taylor cries as Stephanie approaches her. Taylor tells her friend Ridge was taking pills right before they had sex. She is devastated that he doesn’t even remember it and now he’s trying to work things out with Brooke.

Ridge and Brooke go back to the chapel and he tells her he still cherishes their love and marriage. Brooke is happy to hear it and Ridge feels like there is nothing he can’t say to her. He calls honesty the most important part of their marriage. He doesn't want that to change and says there is something he has to tell her right now.

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