Nick and Bridget get married in front of their friends and family, as Katie looks on with a reserved, teary sort of happiness and Ridge exchanges glances with both Taylor and Brooke.

After the ceremony, Nick runs into Katie. She tells him coming to the wedding feels like closure. Nick is sorry if he hurt her and Katie quips, since he saved her life she forgives him.

Owen hands Bridget a glass of champagne and they talk about Jackie and Nick and she asks him to stay away from Nick just for today. Owen agrees, but wonders what will happen for the rest of their lives since they are about to become family.

Alone in the church, Nick chastises Jackie for announcing Owen as her fiancé. He tells Jackie to make Owen a cash offer and Jackie lashes out at him. Nick thinks she deserves better, but Jackie says it’s her life and her money. She asks, if money could actually buy happiness, doesn’t he think she’d snap it up? Pam enters the church and tells Nick Bridget is looking for him. Nick leaves and Pam makes inappropriate comments to Jackie about Owen.

Nick and Bridget cut the cake, Bridget tosses her bouquet (which Jackie catches) and the happy couple enjoys their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Nick Marone (for the third time), as Katie sadly watches.

Katie sees Bill and asks if he is still lusting…after Forrester that is. Bill says he’s just enjoying the party and Katie walks away. Stephen walks up and tersely offers his condolences to Bill regarding his father and then Katie returns and they wonder where Beth is. Beth shows up and says she’s a little worn out and Stephen takes her home, leaving Katie a little bit concerned.

Stephanie asks Taylor why she and Ridge are on opposite sides of the room, but Thorne interrupts asking his mother to dance.

Brooke talks to Ridge who doesn’t know what to say to her. She wonders if there is something on his mind he’d like to say or ask her. He says there is, but Rick chimes in with a toast, where he takes jabs at Nick being married to just about everyone in the room and it being his third marriage to Bridget.

Nick and Bridget sneak into a quiet corner and kiss. He asks if she’s happy and she tells him, “Deliriously.” Nick didn’t know a man could be so happy or make so many mistakes and be forgiven. He will make all her dreams come true until they are old and gray and they both hope they age gracefully. He says, “It’s just you and me forever kid,” and they kiss.

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