On the morning of their wedding day, Nick gets frisky, but Bridget tells him they need to get ready for the ceremony.

Eric dresses Donna for the wedding and she recalls their wedding day.

Stephanie looks through a photo album and Ridge sits with her. She tells him Eric asked her to come back to the company, but she turned him down. Ridge thinks they need her back, but Stephanie switches topics and asks about Taylor staying the night. Ridge deflects saying they have to get to the chapel and Stephanie thinks it must have been good if neither one of them wants to talk about it.

Taylor recalls her night with Ridge and Brooke comes over. Brooke thanks her for not taking advantage of Ridge, but is sure he’ll come back to her.

At the office, Jackie sees that Owen is dressed for the wedding and he tells her if she wants him beside her then that’s where he’ll be. Jackie says they will go to the wedding together and she won’t let her son run her life or change her mind about him.

Nick meets with Rick and asks him to keep Owen out of his wedding.

Bridget gets ready and Katie comes in to help with her necklace. Katie tells her she looks beautiful and Bridget thanks her and they hug.

Donna meets with Katie and Bridget as they wait for Brooke. Jackie arrives and Katie and Donna leave. Jackie asks where Nick is because she was hoping to talk to him. Bridget tells her he’s left already.

Stephanie and Ridge go to the church and Stephanie wants to talk about his night with Taylor, but he doesn’t.

Nick runs into Owen at the office and tells him if he shows up at the wedding, he will regret it!

Nick comes to the house and drags Jackie away from Donna, Bridget and Katie to make it clear Owen isn’t welcome at the wedding.

At the church, Marcus greets his grandparents who have just returned from Paris. They meet Marcus’ date Kim and Beth calls her by the wrong name, but Stephen corrects her.

Thorne and Felicia notice that Bill is there, as he and Eric have words. Later, Stephanie runs up to Eric and he expresses his concerns over the day. As they talk, Bill, Thorne and Felicia all note the exes talking closely.

Brooke finally shows up and gives Bridget the emerald she got when she became CEO of Forrester set in a bracelet. Bridget is happy to have all the Logans around and they enjoy a group hug.

At the church, Ridge tells Taylor Stephanie has been asking questions and they assure each other they haven’t said anything to anyone.

Across the room and after having words with Bill, Stephanie eyes Rick and Steffy kissing.

In another corner, Nick promises Eric he will make his marriage to Bridget work this time.

Back at the house, Brooke tells Bridget everyone is ready to go, but Bridget needs a moment. She tells her mother the past has happened for a reason and brought her to this point in her life. She gushes about her life and says she has it all.

As Donna and Katie enter the church, Nick asks where Jackie is. Katie tells him she had to stop by the loft on her way. Bill bumps into Katie and asks how she’s holding up. She says she’s very happy for Nick and Bridget. They share more banter and Katie walks away with a smile on her face.

Jackie finally arrives, but Nick is dismayed to see that she has brought Owen. Nick angrily runs down the aisle, but Rick stops him. Rick tells Jackie Owen has to leave, but Jackie won’t hear of it, calling Owen her fiancé. She appeals to Nick to not be angry and he says he’s not angry with her. Thorne comes by and says Bridget is ready and Jackie urges Nick to not keep Bridget waiting. Nick goes back to the altar and tells Rick he’ll take care of Owen later.

The music is cued, as Brooke walks down the aisle and then Bridget enters the church. Eric escorts her to Nick and the ceremony begins.

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