Bridget and Nick are at the Jackie M. offices talking about their big day, but he won't tell her where the honeymoon will be. Bridget reports that Eric has agreed to walk her down the aisle and Brooke is standing up for her. Nick tells her that Rick will be his best man and Jackie will be there with bells on, too. When Bridget asks about Owen, Nick says that if he has the nerve to show up, there will be trouble.

Meanwhile, Owen and Jackie are in his office together. He is concerned about Nick's threats but Jackie assures him that her son will come around eventually. Later, Bridget stops by to talk business and he grumbles about Nick. He issues a warning and tells Bridget that if Nick crosses the line, it'll be a big mistake.

Stephanie shows up at Taylor's house and finds her deep in thought. She expresses her joy over Taylor's reconciliation with Ridge, but Taylor doesn't seem to hear her. Finally Stephanie gets through to her and asks if last night was everything she had hoped for. Taylor vaguely says that it was, and yet, it wasn't. When Stephanie wants details, Taylor says that she and Ridge would like to keep things between themselves.

Over at the Forrester Mansion, Donna playfully taunts Eric with a bottle of honey but he sadly tells her, "Not tonight." He goes back to his briefcase and leafs through some papers. When Donna wants answers, he explains that the business is on the ropes and has been ever since Stephanie left. Donna assures him that they'll get through their challenges together no matter what they are.

Back at Jackie M., Jackie goes to Nick's office to make yet another plea for him to accept Owen as her fiancé. She tells him how carefree and happy she is now and that Owen is to thank for that. Nick asks if she has at least had a background check done on the guy, but Jackie says that she trusts him and is accepting him as a gift from the fates. "I'm alive again in a way that I've not been in years," she softly says. She says that she'd rather risk heartbreak than spending one more day in quiet desperation as she was before Owen.

Later, Jackie goes to Bridget's office and Bridget tells her that it's probably best if Owen doesn't come to the wedding tomorrow. Jackie protests by bemoaning how unfair Nick is being about all of this.

Back at Jackie M., Owen walks down the hallway but is stopped by a testosterone-filled push from Nick. They exchange warnings, threats and ultimately Nick informs Owen that his engagement to Jackie will be officially over the moment he returns from his honeymoon. He adds, "If you show your face at my wedding tomorrow I won't be responsible for what happens," Nick seethes.

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