After spending the night together, Taylor tells Ridge she loves making love to him and waking up next to him. She’s happy they’ve found their way back to each other, but Ridge looks confused. He says last night was kind of fuzzy and Taylor says it wasn't exactly what she expected either and gets up to make them some breakfast.

Nick wakes Bridget up reminding her they are getting married the next day. He also tells her he asked Rick to be his best man and she is thrilled.

At work, Jackie and Owen kiss and canoodle and Jackie wishes Nick could accept them as a couple. Owen thinks he’ll have no choice and Jackie brings up Nick and Bridget’s wedding, which Owen declares he will be at, making their relationship public. Jackie notes Nick doesn’t want him there, but says she will tell everyone he is her fiancé.

Pam and Donna tell Eric, Brooke, Felicia and Thorne about being on "The Price is Right." Donna says she is going to donate her winnings, aside from what she promised Pam, and then Thorne then asks where Ridge is. Brooke says he spent the night at the guesthouse. Brooke gets a text from Bridget who wants her and Eric to meet her at Nick’s place. Donna tries to console Brooke over Ridge, but she doesn't understand why he isn't there.

Ridge doesn’t eat his breakfast and tells Taylor he kind of over did it last night. She asks if he remembers what they did and he recalls that they made love and that she was supportive. He goes to take a shower to ‘clear out the cobwebs’ because he didn’t expect to feel this hungover after just a couple of glasses of wine and Taylor finds the empty bottle of pills he was popping.

Stephanie calls Taylor and wonders if she is still with Ridge. Taylor says yes, but she can’t talk about it right now and hangs up.

Bridget tells her parents her marriage to Nick will work this time and asks Eric to walk her down the aisle. Despite his concerns, he says yes. Bridget then shows them her wedding dress, which she designed herself and asks Brooke to be her maid of honor.

Nick walks in on Jackie and Owen making out in the office and is furious. He tells Owen his days of pawing his mother are numbered and warns him not to come to the wedding

Ridge returns from the shower and Taylor how many pills he took. Ridge doesn’t remember and Taylor is concerned. Taylor thinks the affects of the medication caused him to do something he didn't want to do. She thought they were connecting on a deep level, but she says it wasn’t real and it never should have happened. Ridge assures her he cares about her, but Taylor is upset they slept together because of the pills. Ridge wants to tell Brooke what happened, but Taylor thinks she will accuse her of taking advantage of him. Ridge doesn’t think so and Taylor says no matter what happened, she will not give up on him.

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