Taylor returns with wine after Ridge has popped more pills and she suggests he distract himself from thinking about Rick. He says that’s what he has her for and she tells him she’s there for him for whatever he needs. They eat dinner and Taylor suggests he think about positive things like how smart and skeptical Steffy can be and that she won’t be taken in. In his altered state, Ridge says he sees Taylor as a sensitive, compassionate and very beautiful woman and he feels good around her. Taylor tells him it’s mutual and she loves being with him because of evenings and conversations like this.

Stephanie and Brooke continue to argue about Ridge and Taylor. Brooke defends her relationship with Ridge, as Stephanie thinks Taylor is the right woman for him. Stephanie tells Brooke Ridge is on the verge of a breakdown and suggests if she really loves him, she’ll give him some space.

Stephanie calls Taylor to get an update and Taylor tells her everything is going well and she thinks Ridge is really responding to her. Stephanie encourages her to stay the night and to shut his phone off.

As Ridge tries to focus and keep his eyes open, Taylor turns her back and talks about what a wonderful past and special bond they share. She thinks they are rediscovering each other and connecting on a whole new level. She doesn’t want to ignore that and asks if he does. Ridge says no and thinks it’s time to go to the bedroom. Taylor takes his hand and leads him there.

Brooke catches Stephanie on the phone with Taylor and tries to call Ridge, but only gets his voicemail. She wants to go see Ridge, but Stephanie convinces her to give him some time alone.

Ridge and Taylor look up at the stars and talk about Phoebe. Ridge’s vision gets blurrier as Taylor talks about their children. Ridge can’t focus and says they should lie down. He goes to the bed and Taylor joins him. Taylor says she has dreamed about this moment for so long and Ridge concurs that it does feel like a dream. Taylor says it’s finally come true and Ridge says his head is spinning. Taylor kisses him and starts to undress him and then they get more passionate.

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