Brooke calls Ridge and asks him to come home, but although he loves her, he can’t do that.

At "The Price is Right," Pam watches on in horror as kitchen appliances are displayed as the prizes for those on Contestant’s Row. Things get worse, when Donna steals Pam’s strategy of biding one dollar and then wins the bid.

Steffy talks to her dad and asks if his trouble with Brooke is really all about her and Rick. He tells her it has nothing to do with her, but it’s all about Rick. He wonders how she can have anything to do with him. Steffy insists he’s changed, but Ridge doesn’t believe it. Steffy gets a text message and Ridge assumes it’s from Rick. Steffy asks her dad to trust that she will be okay and runs off.

Donna runs up on stage as Pam sadly watches her play for a new car. Donna plays Let Em Roll and has to bid on grocery items, such as dog food, lemon bar mix and a honey bear bottle. Donna gets the bids right and wins two extra rolls for the car. Donna is ecstatic as she rolls twice and wins the car, as Pam looks like she’s going to burst out in tears.

Steffy goes to see Rick and tells him she’s made a decision and wants to slow things down a bit. She forgives him for what he did, but it’s hard to forget. She tells him he needs to earn back her trust and he can’t mess up even once. Rick swears he won’t mess up again.

Taylor lights candles and prepares dinner for Ridge at the guesthouse and Ridge is pleased. Ridge recants why he can’t be with Brooke and he and Taylor discuss Steffy being with Rick. Taylor assures him they will deal with this together and then goes to check on dinner. As he drinks wine, Ridge takes some more of Taylor’s pills, which he finds in her purse. Instead of putting the bottle back, he stashes it in his pocket. Taylor returns with dinner and Ridge tells Taylor how Steffy went running when Rick texted her. Ridge wants more wine as Taylor thinks everything will be fine. Ridge is happy to have her in his life because she understands him.

Donna spins the wheel and gives a shout out to her parents, her honey bear and Pam for making her come to the show, which makes Pam smile. Donna spins eighty cents and wins the chance to go on to the showcase, as Pam claps wildly for her.

Brooke starts to head out of her house, but Stephanie comes to the door and stops her. The women argue over whether or not Brooke should be going to see Ridge. Stephanie thinks Ridge is gone for good this time because Brooke will always choose Rick over him. Stephanie tells her Ridge will end up with the woman he’s supposed to and that he said he is happier with Taylor. Brooke can’t believe he would say that.

During the showcase showdown, Pam helps Donna bid on a trip to Hawaii from the audience and she wins both showcases, which also includes a trip to Vegas. Pam runs on stage to celebrate with Donna and tells her she won because of her. Pam thinks it’s only fair if Donna takes her to Hawaii, but Donna only agrees to give her the baking pans and lemon bar mix, which makes Pam happy.

Ridge thinks about Steffy, Rick and Brooke and all the events of the past few months and takes more pills.

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