Nick tells his mother his objection to Owen isn’t about age, he just doesn’t trust him. Jackie defends her relationship, but Nick thinks she will get hurt emotionally and financially and demands that she call off this joke of an engagement. Jackie knows Owen enjoys the good life and her money is what got her noticed, but she insists it’s not why he stays. Jackie informs her son he needs to respect Owen and that he is coming back to work.

Pam tries to get through to the person from “The Price is Right,” but the security guard won’t let her in. Donna wants her to let it go, but Pam thinks it’s a great way to showcase their designs. Pam then thinks they can be part of the audience and then she can find the producer. Donna has doubts, telling her it's not a very professional way to go about it, but Pam is undeterred. Pam gets her and Donna tickets and they run off.

Bridget is doubtful about Owen’s intentions, but he tries to convince her he really wants to spend his life with Jackie. Bridget thinks Nick will assume he’s a gold digger, but Owen counters if that’s what he was, then he’d pick someone with a less controlling son.

Bridget and Owen walk in Nick’s office and when Jackie insists Owen is staying at the company, Nick says it’s Owen or him. Jackie responds, “I’ll miss not having you here.” Owen and Bridget think they can all work together, but Nick says his mother has made her choice. Jackie angrily spits out that no one is going anywhere and she shouldn’t have to choose. Jackie tells her son she is happy and she can protect herself from Owen should he have cruel intentions towards her. Of course Nick wants her to be happy, but he thinks Owen is taking advantage of her. Owen steps in to defend the relationship, but Nick throws Jackie’s other younger lover, Deacon Sharpe, in Jackie’s face. After more arguing, Bridget thinks they should step away for a minute. Jackie tells Nick Owen is not Deacon and she won’t be taken advantage of. Bridget urges Nick to step out with her and they leave. Owen tells Jackie she won’t be disappointed and that she can trust him. He tells her they will have a great life together.

Jackie steps out of the office and Nick returns telling Owen the engagement will end very soon. He declares there will be no wedding.

Donna and Pam get their nametags for the show and Pam changes into a shirt with “The Price is Right” host Drew Carey’s face on it. They are interviewed to see if they should be contestants and Pam is super chatty and excited, while Donna is subdued and uninterested.

Pam and Donna sit in the audience, as Pam excitedly tells Donna her strategy of bidding one dollar should she get called down. Donna says she will tell them to pick someone else if her name gets called, but Pam doesn’t think Donna has anything to worry about based on her unenthusiastic interview.

“The Price is Right” gets started and names are called to ‘Come on Down’. Pam gets excited for everyone and then Donna's name is called. Donna freaks out, as she leaps up and runs to Contestants’ Row, as Pam looks crushed. Drew Carey comes out and Pam has a dejected look on her face.

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