Bridget and Nick wake up and Nick happily gets up to go to the office because he doesn’t have to dread running into Owen. Bridget doesn’t think he has to hurry off and seduces him.

Jackie and Owen enjoy themselves in bed reveling in their engagement and Owen thinks Nick will get a big surprise, which spoils the mood. Owen thinks they have to tell him, but Jackie says she’ll do it as soon as she gets to the office. The mood returns and they get passionate.

Pam watches “The Price is Right” on her laptop at work and Donna and Katie walk by. They mock her and then enter Eric’s office. They find Felicia and Thorne who have researched their failing profits against Jackie M’s rising ones. Pam overhears as they discuss how to reach a mainstream audience that is exclusive but not elitist. Pam gets an idea and calls someone to get her the number to the producers of “The Price is Right.”

Nick gets dressed, but Bridget remains in bed worn out from all their celebrating over their engagement. Nick says he will do whatever it takes to make sure Owen is out of Jackie’s life.

Owen helps Jackie get ready for work and Jackie thinks Nick will assume Owen is using this engagement to improve his position with her. She wants him back at Jackie M, but she has to work on Nick first and asks him to be patient. They talk about how jealous people will be when they find out about their engagement and canoodle in the kitchen.

Donna overhears Pam yelling at her computer while watching “The Price is Right” and asks her to take it to the break room. Donna doesn't understand why people are getting so excited and Pam explains the show to her. Donna thinks it’s easy, but Pam assures her it’s not and says she would be thrilled to be on Contestant’s Row and meet Drew Carey, who she obviously has a crush on. Donna says unless he can help them build their sales, he has no business at the office. Pam retorts that he might be able to help and that she came up with the perfect solution to their problems.

Jackie and Nick meet in the office and Jackie notes what a good mood Nick is in and turns her diamond around so he can’t see it. Nick badmouths Owen, but says they are back on track now and can focus on bigger and better things. Jackie says she has news, but Nick cuts her off telling her he and Bridget are engaged. Jackie is delighted for him, but gets angry when Nick continues to belittle Owen. She says he is sticking around and there's nothing he can do about it. Jackie wants to know what Owen has done that is so offensive to him. Nick thinks Owen will hurt her, but Jackie insists that’s not true. She tells him they are committed to each other and that Owen wants her for the rest of their lives. She turns her diamond back around and tells her son she and Owen are engaged. Nick freaks out, throws things off his desk and demands to know where Owen is.

Pam and Donna go into Eric’s office as Pam explains her idea of advertising FC designs on “The Price is Right.” The phone rings and Pam answers to the people at the game show and sets up a meeting at Television Studios. Pam hangs up and is excited about the meeting, but Donna says she is not going because she can’t make deals for the company. Pam runs off and Donna follows saying she’s coming with her.

Bridget goes to the office and finds Owen who is waiting for Jackie. Owen finds out Bridget and Nick are engaged and then shares his own news with a stunned Bridget.

Donna and Pam go to the CBS studios, but are late because of Donna’s driving. When they get to the door, Pam learns the person she was supposed to meet is unavailable. Pam blames Donna because she made her late.

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