As Ridge and Taylor stare into each other’s eyes, Stephanie eyes the pill bottle and calls Taylor into the living room. She asks Taylor about the pills and tells her she just saw Ridge take one. Taylor doesn’t think he’s taken that many and wonders if she should take a step back and be more detached. Stephanie tells her not to do that because she is his lifeline.

At home, Nick and Bridget get flirty as Nick gloats that Owen is out of the company. Nick pops some champagne, but Bridget doesn’t want to drink to Owen getting fired. Nick thinks Owen will be fine sitting at home waxing his surfboard while Jackie is at work and then Jackie will realize what a loser he is. Nick asks Bridget what is the worst thing he could do to her that he hasn’t already done. Bridget wonders if he’s asking for suggestions and he asks her to humor him because he has a point. She lists some off the wall scenarios and then says he’s already done some pretty bad things. He admits it’s true and doesn’t know if he can sink any lower than he already has. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a ring. He asks her marry him and drops the ring in her champagne glass. He asks a stunned Bridget what she has to lose. After some recapping of what they’ve been through, he tells her he needs her and promises he will be good to her this time because he might just know what he’s doing now. Bridget thinks that their invitations should in all fairness say, “No gifts please.” Nick thanks her and says he loves her. Bridget tells him it was his best proposal yet and they get passionate. After they have sex, they talk about the reaction they’ll get when announcing their engagement.

Katie consoles Brooke over Ridge and they discuss the circumstances surrounding the breakup. Katie thinks Ridge will be back because he doesn’t do ‘alone’ well. Brooke doesn’t think he’s alone and tells Katie Ridge was with Taylor after they broke up. She wonders how being away from each other can make Ridge happy.

Brooke calls Ridge and learns he’s at the guesthouse. Ridge won’t come home while Rick is still around, but Brooke didn’t call to argue, she just wanted to tell him she loves him and believes they’ll work it out. Ridge just says, “Good night Logan,” and hangs up.

Owen presents Jackie with an engagement ring, which he assures her he didn’t charge to her credit card. Jackie hesitates and points out that she didn’t stand up to Nick on his behalf and thinks Owen might be doing this so he doesn’t get thrown out on the street. Owen knows he is the lightweight in their relationship, but he isn't threatened by her. He wants to level things out legally so he has a leg to stand on with Nick. He thinks Jackie is perfect the way she is and he wants to be with her if she’ll let him. Jackie holds out her hand and Owen puts the ring on her finger.

Taylor returns to Ridge and asks how many pills he took. He assures her he is fine and took them because he assumed she wouldn’t give him something that was bad for him. Taylor doesn’t like the idea of him self-medicating and asks how many he took. He tells her two and Taylor offers to write him a prescription of his own if he isn't feeling better in a couple of days. She doesn't want him to hesitate to ask her for anything he needs. They talk about their past and Taylor says this is a whole new chapter in their lives, but notes he was always happy with her and the kids. She wants to make him happy again and she kisses him. Taylor says good night and Ridge turns over to go to sleep. Taylor takes the bottle of pills and leaves the room.

In her bedroom, Brooke recalls her and Ridge’s wedding on the beach and cries.

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