Brooke tells Ridge their marriage is forever, but Ridge won’t ever feel differently about Rick. She tells him tragedies and heartbreaks happen, but as long as they have their love everything will be okay. She thinks they will figure it out if they have faith and trust in each other. They embrace and the phone rings. The machine picks it up and Rick leaves a message saying he and Steffy will be coming over for dinner. Ridge says Rick will always be a part of her life and even their love can’t change that. He can’t live with that, so it won’t work. Brooke continues to try and convince Ridge to stick it out, but Ridge calls her son the bane of his existence. He notes Rick is her son and no amount of love will change that. Ridge wants her to hate Rick as much as he does, but he knows she can’t do that. He can’t get control over his feelings over the loss of Phoebe and until he can, he can’t be there. Brooke asks if this is the end, but Ridge says, “Do you and I even know what that is?” They embrace again, Ridge kisses her and then says, “Goodbye Logan.” Ridge leaves and Brooke lies on the couch and cries.

Nick walks in on Owen and Jackie who are kissing in the office. Jackie asks him where he was this morning, but Nick wasn’t aware of the meeting. Nick gets upset that Owen was in the meeting with the accountants and tells Owen it’s in Jackie’s best interest to have him out of her life and company. Jackie says he is overreacting, but Nick counters that she’s being naïve. Owen defends himself, but Nick fires him. Owen tells him Jackie owns the company so only she can fire him and asks her if that’s what she wants. Jackie says she’s sorry, but she has to side with her son.

Rick enters Brooke’s house and sees his mother on the couch. She tells her son that Ridge is gone and not coming back. Rick wants to fix this because he wants both of them to be happy. She says she can’t fix this with Ridge, but there’s somebody who might be able to.

Ridge goes to the guesthouse and Stephanie stops by. He tells his mother that he left Brooke and doesn’t really know what he’s going to do next. Stephanie calls Taylor and tells her to come to the guesthouse.

Taylor comes over and Stephanie tells her Ridge ended it with Brooke. Taylor goes into the bedroom and asks how Ridge is doing. He says he did what had to be done, but it wasn’t easy. Taylor leaves the room for a minute and Ridge take the bottle of pills out of her purse and swallows a couple.

Jackie tells Owen they can still be together even though they aren’t working together anymore. Owen thinks it’s only a matter of time before Nick runs him out of her life. He understands why she had to fire him, but he wonders if he should move on because of Nick. Owen wants more than just laughs and good times and Jackie thinks he’s getting bored with her. He corrects her saying he wants more with her and wants a life with her. He wants to take the next step and gets on one knee asking her to marry him. Jackie laughs and accepts his proposal.

Stephanie comes to the room and sees Ridge taking more pills. Taylor returns with tea and while they aren't looking, Stephanie takes the bottle of pills and then leaves Ridge and Taylor alone. Ridge wonders how Taylor can make him smile, noting he hasn’t done that since the last time they were together. Through hazy eyes, Ridge strokes Taylor’s face and calls her beautiful.

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