Ridge comes home to Brooke who has been waiting for him. He hugs her and tells her a night in Big Bear was just what he needed and adds that he was with Taylor. Ridge says he will always hate Rick for killing Phoebe and he can’t live with him hanging around their home. Ridge accuses Brooke of choosing Rick over him again, but she says she wanted to support both of them. He tells her he bottomed out at Phoebe’s grave and Taylor took care of him because she knew what he needed. He felt joy for the first time in a long time at the cabin and isn’t sure if it was Taylor or not, but he realized he couldn’t go on this way. Brooke wishes he could forgive Rick, but Ridge makes it clear he can’t. Ridge feels like the walls are closing in on him now that he’s back and tells her he hasn’t received support from her regarding Phoebe. He needs Brooke to take a stand against Rick and Steffy or else he will lose another daughter. Brooke can’t change that Rick is her son, so Ridge tells her he’s moving out. Brooke is shocked and says they can fix things, but Ridge is haunted by Rick and the night Phoebe died. She thinks she can help him get over it, but Ridge tells her she can’t help him and Rick at the same time. He would go to the ends of the earth to preserve what they have because he loves her so much, but he's dying with her because of Rick, who is poison to him. He felt good in Big Bear and needs more of that. Brooke is hurt he was that happy because he was away from her and Rick. He can’t separate her from her son any longer because she can’t separate herself from Rick and he says he has to get away from both of them. Brooke thinks they can get through this and says his hatred will eat him up whether they are together or not. She wants to lead him to the other side so he can find laughter, love and life again. She asks him not to take his anger and walk out that door. She won’t let him go and declares they will stay together.

At Il Giardino, Taylor tells Stephanie how great it was to see Ridge laugh and just talk to him. She noticed a peace to him that made her want to cry and tells Stephanie he is leaving Brooke. Taylor thinks she saw Ridge have this huge epiphany and for the first time in years, she has hope. She saw in his eyes that he doesn’t have to have Brooke in his life to be happy. Taylor tells Stephanie she felt the spark with Ridge again and knows he is coming back to her.

At home, Nick playfully wakes Bridget up and she gets a phone call. Nick leaves the room and Bridget answers to Owen who asks her to talk to Nick because he doesn’t want to lose his job. Bridget notes he’s really intimidated and Owen asks if she’ll put in a good word for him. She thinks she can do more than that and asks if his schedule is clear. Owen checks the calendar and sees that Nick is supposed to meet with the accountants with Jackie, but he tells Bridget his morning is free. Bridget thinks that will give her time to talk to Nick.

Owen and Jackie make out in her office and Jackie realizes Nick is late for a meeting with the accountants. Owen pretends to call Nick to remind him, but lies that he just got his voicemail.

Nick comes out of the shower and finds a scantily clad Bridget waiting for him in bed. She says his schedule is free and he crawls into bed and kisses her and then they have sex.

Jackie and Owen meet with the accountants and she tells them Nick has been called away on business and hopes that won’t be a problem. One of the accountants says it won’t be since she owns the company and Owen’s ears perk up.

After they have sex, Bridget and Nick note that was a good way to start the morning and Bridget wants to go for a hattrick, but Nick has to get back to work to keep his eye on Owen.

As the accountants leave, they tell Jackie she needs to update her estate planning, but she says nothing changes because everything goes to her son. They ask what if she marries, but she doesn’t see any chance of that happening.

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