Rick tells Steffy he doesn’t think Ridge will leave Brooke and that they can work it out. Steffy doesn’t think they should have told them they got back together, but he counters there should be no secrets. He kisses her and Thomas walks in, grabs Rick and yells, “Get your hands off her!” Steffy defends Rick, telling Thomas they got back together. Rick says he should give them a chance because he gave him one. Thomas is outraged, but Steffy says it’s her life and she wants to spend it with Rick. Steffy thinks Thomas should stop fighting them because their parents need them and she loves and needs him as her big brother. She’s going to be with Rick and it doesn’t have to be a problem if he doesn’t make it one.

Brooke comes home and finds Donna and Katie waiting for her. She fills them in on Steffy and Rick and how Ridge reacted to her backing their relationship. She also tells them that their marriage isn’t legal and that Stephanie told her Ridge was testing her to see if he should remarry her. Donna and Katie don’t think she should listen to anything Stephanie says. Brooke notes Stephanie wants Ridge with Taylor, but Katie doesn’t think Ridge will let Stephanie manipulate him after everything they’ve been through.

After they kiss, Taylor stops Ridge from going any further and wonders if this is really what he wants. She points out he’s not acting like himself, but he says this is the most he’s felt like himself in a long time and credits it to her. Taylor reminds him he was in crisis earlier today, but Ridge says she saved him like an angel with her support. Ridge notes Brooke hasn’t even tried to find him or call, but Taylor informs him that Brooke did call, but she turned off the sound. Taylor goes to get him some tea and Ridge picks up his phone and looks at a photo of his daughters, recalling Phoebe’s accident. He puts the phone down and takes more pills. Taylor returns and Ridge tells her he didn’t call Brooke because he was thinking about how Rick took Phoebe away from them and now he’s doing the same with Steffy. He wonders how Brooke can support that. Taylor notes how relaxed Ridge is and Ridge looks at her through hazy eyes recalling their past. Ridge doesn’t think it seems impossible to get Rick out of their lives with her by his side.

Ridge’s phone rings and he answers to Brooke. She wants to make sure he’s okay and they can talk about everything later. Ridge says they can talk tomorrow, but Brooke wants to clear the misunderstanding up sooner. Ridge thinks it’s more than a misunderstanding and they argue about their kids’ relationship again. Ridge hangs up on her mid-sentence because she won’t forbid Rick from seeing Steffy. Ridge tells Taylor Brooke will never understand.

Brooke tells her sisters Ridge sounded very detached and hung up on her. They try to reassure Brooke that she just needs to give Ridge some time and he will come back to her apologizing up the wahzoo! Brooke appreciates her sisters and says Stephanie is right about one thing, the Logan girls know how to stick together. She thinks she can get through to Ridge, then they can remarry and get on with their lives.

Ridge tells Taylor his relationship with Brooke is not working because he can never trust Rick. He takes in the night air and says he doesn’t want to go back to all the drama and angst; he just wants to feel like this. He doesn't know if he can go back to the house to find Rick making another pitch for their daughter. He knows Brooke doesn’t want to hurt him, but she can’t understand. He can’t go back there and tells Taylor he has no other choice, but to move out of Brooke’s house.

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