Ridge feels like he’s lost both his daughters, but Taylor believes they will get through to Steffy and promises to help him get over this. Ridge can’t believe Brooke couldn’t be there for him when he really needed her and feels like she betrayed him. Ridge needed to be close to someone who loved him unconditionally and thanks Taylor for bringing him to the cabin because it was just what he needed.

Rick and Steffy come in to see Brooke who can’t get through to Ridge on the phone. Rick thinks Ridge just needs some time to cool off, but Brooke worries Stephanie will find out and exploit the situation.

Stephanie tells Pam that Eric asked her back to FC, but she turned him down. Pam thinks the Logan family will get what’s coming to them and Stephanie hopes Ridge walks away from Brooke and goes to Taylor because she understands what he needs.

Steffy and Rick both worry about their parents and that they’ve made things worse than before. Rick wants to fix the situation, but Steffy thinks he should stay out of it. Rick thinks he needs to make it right because both Brooke and Steffy love Ridge. Rick also points out that Stephanie is a problem area and could really make a mess of things.

Pam goes back to her desk as Stephanie talks to Taylor on the phone. Taylor fills her friend in on recent events. Stephanie is glad Taylor is with Ridge and Taylor hangs up when Ridge returns to the room.

Brooke comes to Eric’s office to talk to him about Ridge, but finds Stephanie instead. Brooke makes digs about Stephanie’s blogs and her knowing about the invalid marriage. Stephanie knows Rick is causing problems in her marriage and says Ridge is probably relieved he isn’t legally married to her. Brooke doesn't think their invalid marriage means they don’t have a future together, but Stephanie thinks the fact that she sides with Rick will take care of that.

Steffy calls Taylor who doesn’t understand how her daughter can get back together with Rick. Steffy tries to explain, but Taylor begs Steffy to end it with Rick because it is killing Ridge.

Ridge takes the pills out of Taylor’s purse and swallows a couple more before Taylor returns to the room. Taylor suggests they stay at the cabin for a couple of days or until he feels better. Ridge already is feeling better because the weight on his chest is gone and he feels like he can see the light. Taylor tells Ridge Steffy called and is very worried about him. He thinks if Brooke stood up to Rick when he asked her to all of this could have been avoided. He needed her to tell Rick she supported her husband instead of her son, but she couldn’t say it. As much as he loves her, there’s a part of him that is relieved their marriage isn’t legal. Taylor can’t believe he really means it, but Ridge says, “Maybe I do.”

Steffy tells Rick she hoped things would be different because he is now. Rick tells her they won’t give up and they will make believers out of their parents.

Ridge calls Stephanie and tells her where he is and that he needs some time by himself. He tells her to let Brooke know she can call if she wants, but not right now because he is too upset with her. After Stephanie hangs up, Brooke demands to know where Ridge is, but Stephanie advises her to let him be.

Ridge tells Taylor the ball is in Brooke’s court and Taylor hopes she gives him some breathing room. Ridge is going to put the whole mess out of his mind and is grateful to be away from all of that. He trusts Doc and says it’s easy when he’s with her. All the angst is gone and she understands him, but why is he just now realizing this? He thinks maybe he couldn’t admit it because of what it would mean to his marriage with Brooke. He says there has been one problem after another and he’s worn out. He doesn’t want to think about it and wants to feel some peace and calm and live in the moment, this moment with her. Ridge takes her hand and kisses it and then leans in for a kiss on her cheek and then her lips.

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