Ridge urges her to, but Brooke can’t stand in the way of Rick and Steffy’s relationship. Brooke understands how he feels, but she says they are adults and they will do what they want to do. She’s sorry if he doesn’t understand, but she can’t stand in their way any longer. Steffy appeals to her father to accept her and Rick, but Ridge doesn’t know how she can ask him that. He then lashes out at Brooke for not supporting him and asks Rick and Steffy to leave because he can't stand to look at them.

Brooke tries to console Ridge, but he never thought she would betray him. He calls Rick a threat to Steffy, but Brooke defends him. Ridge can't take this anymore, but Brooke thinks they can get through this together. Ridge says they aren’t together. He loves her and will always love her, but he will not tolerate this. He calls Rick a threat to his sanity, but he doesn't think she cares about that at all. Ridge declares he’s done and leaves, as Brooke cries calling out after him.

Thomas and Taylor go to Phoebe’s grave and wish Ridge would come back to the family. Thomas doesn’t know how Ridge can deal with Rick because he is the reason Phoebe died.

Eric asks Stephanie to come back to Forrester and he will give her an office because he misses her. Stephanie just thinks he misses what she can do for the company and he says firing her was a mistake. Eric wants to rectify it, but Stephanie won’t work with the Logans. He says she belongs there, but Stephanie retorts that he made his choice in his young trophy wife and it has its consequences. They rehash recent events and Stephanie calls them even. Eric thinks he still owes her and tells her there’s a place at Forrester for her. She won’t work with Donna and watch her outrageous behavior. She tells him to step back and look at how his and Donna’s sexual behavior at the office affects their children, employees and his reputation. She doesn’t want to be a part of that because she deserves better. Donna comes in and Eric asks for another moment alone. Stephanie tells her to come on in because they are finished.

Taylor sits alone looking at Phoebe’s grave and Ridge walks up. Ridge tells her about Rick and Steffy and how Brooke is supporting them. He tells her he’s done and that he’s left Brooke. Taylor sides with Ridge and he is relieved to have someone on his side. He sits by Phoebe’s grave and tells his daughter he wants her back. He worries about Steffy with Rick and can’t believe Brooke won’t do anything to stop it. Taylor goes to her purse and pulls out some anxiety pills to give to Ridge. Taylor wants to take him home, but Ridge doesn't want to see anyone at the house. She offers to take him away and assures him she is there for him.

Taylor drives Ridge to Big Bear because she thinks no one will find him there. She promises they will deal with this and that she will take care of him.

Once at the cabin, Ridge’s mind still races as he wonders if he is overreacting. Taylor insists he isn’t and blames Brooke for not putting her foot down regarding the relationship. Ridge bemoans Brooke’s support of their kids’ union and Taylor wonders where her compassion is for him. Taylor doesn't think he has gone through the grieving process because he doesn't have someone to support him through it. Ridge knows she understands and Taylor says she does more than anybody and asks if she can help him heal.

Brooke calls Ridge, but he doesn’t see his phone lighting up. Taylor sees that Brooke is calling Ridge’s phone, but thinks she has done enough damage already and ignores the call. Taylor tells Ridge she is there for him always.

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