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Over at Steffy and Finn’s, Steffy insists she’s not trying to spread rumors and Liam believes her, but it’s just not true. She insists that all his suspicions aren’t because of Thomas. They’re all from Hope. Liam doesn’t think it makes sense. No, Steffy says, what doesn’t make sense is blaming Thomas for Hope’s feelings. Liam seems to finally get it. “For Thomas. You’re saying Hope has feelings for Thomas.” We have a winner!

Steffy says things have changed, which gets a confused outburst from Liam. She saw with her own eyes how Hope was interacting with Thomas. Touching him. Her feelings are real. Liam insists she’s wrong, he’s made that mistake too.

B&B Steffy giving Liam a "Told you so" look

“Hope was gazing into Thomas’ eyes. Caressing his hands.” She knows what she’s talking about. He doesn’t want to hear it, especially since he just went on a tour with his family about how connected they are. “I have to talk to her, don’t I?” Steffy knows this hurts, but it has to be addressed. Thomas hasn’t crossed any lines. He’s been a professional. Hope has not. Liam slinks out the door.

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Over in the design office, meanwhile, Hope is distracted with Thomas as they go over the ugly design. She’s still upset about her call with Liam. Why can’t he be more supportive of her and her plans? “It’s like he’s just looking for something to go wrong. And it’s wearing me down.”

She just wants her husband to support her in trying to save the line and having to work late. Hope doesn’t think he trusts her judgment, but Thomas is pretty sure it’s him who Liam doesn’t trust. Hope wants to keep working, but Thomas says they can take another crack at it in the morning.

B&B Thomas and Hope going over a design

She’s still upset about Liam’s attitude to Thomas, but he’s fine. His past sucked, but he’s proud of the changes he’s made. Hope goes off, announces she’s going home to clear things up with Liam “once and for all” and storms out.

In the CEO office, Taylor tells Brooke that she’s not sure if she or Thomas is more hurt by what was said. Brooke says that wasn’t their intention. Hope was just trying to make a point by “going overboard.” Taylor just isn’t getting it. Why would Hope need to reassure Brooke… unless she thought something was going on?

Brooke sits the two of them down and says she doesn’t want this to come between this. Hope apologized to Thomas, and they put it behind them, maybe they can do the same thing. Sure, Taylor agrees! After Brooke comes clean about what’s going on.

B&B Taylor scoffing at Brooke

Brooke insists that Hope is genuinely sorry for saying what she said – “For your benefit,” Taylor cuts her off. “I am so tired of having to constantly defend my son from everyone.” But she’s going to keep doing it until she’s blue in the face and until everyone gets it.

Taylor speaks her truth. She’s feeling angry and disappointed about how Brooke kept her feelings about Thomas from her. Taylor thought they had a “real friendship.” We do, Brooke assures her, but Taylor wonders what all Brooke is keeping from her. “Anything happen with Ridge?” Brooke is aghast. No! “Can we just drop this?”

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Sure, Taylor says. It would just help a lot if Brooke could believe in Thomas. Sure… she’ll “think” on it. She doesn’t want this to cause permanent damage.

In the show’s last few moments, Thomas is sketching away when he glances at a photo of Hope and Brooke and starts thinking back to his interactions with Hope. He smiles fondly, then starts to put the clues together.

And Liam is waiting with a drink back home when Hope walks in with a quiet, “Hey.” Donna took the kids for the night, he says, then notes she’s home early. They’ve got things they need to talk about, Hope says. She didn’t like how he ended their conversation. He’s frustrating her with his judgment and lack of trust. Liam growls something about trust and takes another drink.

B&B Hope passionately speaking at home

Hope continues with her righteous spiel and asks him to have faith in her. He always did, Liam says. “But now, I don’t know, maybe I had it wrong.” He mentions seeing Steffy and Hope gets ticked that he can see her, and she can’t see Thomas. He sure spends a lot of time with his ex. “Well, I heard something, this evening, that I wasn’t expecting to hear.”

Steffy told him Thomas isn’t the problem. She is. The feelings are all Hope’s.

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