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Brooke demands to know whether Hope is attracted to Thomas. Hope tries making an excuse about having doubts and uncertainties about Thomas and feeling bad about it. Because he really has changed, she tells Brooke! “He’s quite a remarkable man. In many ways.” Brooke gives her another “What are you talking about?!” look.

And when Hope says she has “everything under control,” Brooke wants to know what the hell that means. Is Hope OK? “I’m fine! I’m fine. I’m fine.” (Three fines must mean it’s true.) She admits her feelings for Thomas have changed because he’s changed. She then goes off for the thousandth time about how he’s a better man and she doesn’t want to ruin his success. He’s great, she’s great, everything’s under control and great.

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Taylor, meanwhile, is dumbfounded that Hope said all those derogatory things about Thomas. And she’s having a tough time understanding why she did it. “I think it was honestly just to placate her mother,” Thomas notes. Taylor doesn’t like that Brooke didn’t mention it, but Thomas says it makes sense that she’d still have reservations about him. But he reassures Taylor again that they’re unfounded worries because nothing is coming between Hope and Liam.

Taylor wants to give Brooke the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe she’s picking up on a vibe she doesn’t know about. She knows Thomas has made great strides, though, “so what would Brooke have to be concerned about?”

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Taylor pops into the CEO office to talk to Brooke. She’s wondering what’s happening. Thomas just told her about the Hope/Brooke conversation. “Yes… I regret that he had to hear that.” Taylor notes that it sucks that Thomas had to hear that from people who he thought were in his corner. Brooke apologizes and Taylor asks if she’s really sorry.

“What am I missing? What are you not telling me?” She wants to get everything out in the open, and Brooke agrees they need to communicate. They’ve grown too close to let their kids tear us apart. “It’s never my intention to lie to you, Taylor.” “How about just don’t lie to me? Just don’t lie to me!” Brooke finally agrees to be honest with Taylor. She’s not quite comfortable with Thomas and Hope working together.

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Back in the design office, Thomas is going over the “stale, boring” design with Hope, but she’s all distracted thinking about what she said to her mom. “It’s fine,” he shrugs again. Can we move on now? Hope, though, wants to know how he’s so forgiving. He says she was forgiving first, so he’s returning it, she says he let the light into his heart and it’s beautiful.

Over at Steffy’s, Liam joins his ex and Kelly for a “late night cookie.” It doesn’t take long for them to decide to howl at the moon and the three give a howl a try themselves. “It’s so fun when we’re together as a family,” Kelly notes to Steffy and Liam’s happy smiles. They then note that they’ll always be a family no matter what, whether they’re together or not and sing praises for Kelly and tell her how much she’s loved before Liam takes her off to get her ready for bed. While Steffy beams joyfully after them.

B&B Steffy and Liam laughing together at her place

Liam finally comes back out to gush over Kelly with Steffy and tease each other a bit. It doesn’t take long for them to reflect on how she changed their lives forever and we get a flashback to Kelly’s birth. Liam can’t wait until Kelly’s old enough to understand how amazing Steffy is. Sure…

In the show’s last few moments, Hope and Thomas go back to the lame design neither of them like. Hope suddenly realizes she needs to call Liam. So she does and tells an annoyed Liam that she can’t escape the office. With Thomas. They’re on a deadline, no dinner, sorry! Liam starts getting ticked then stops himself. “It’s OK. Whatever. Do your thing and I’ll talk to you when you get home.”

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He goes off about another cancelled dinner because of Thomas. It feels like Hope “doesn’t give a damn.” He then says he can never trust Thomas and Steffy gets more and more annoyed, the longer he rants. “Why do you assume it’s Thomas? Maybe he’s not the problem this time!”

Liam is sure something is going on and Steffy finally snaps. “Maybe Thomas isn’t the problem! Maybe it’s Hope! I’m sorry, Liam, I don’t want to hurt you, but I think your wife has feelings for Thomas.”

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