Donna tells Bill she loves Eric, but Bill doesn’t think it’s sustainable. However, he lets her know he would never tire of her drizzling honey all over him. Donna declares he will not replace her Honey Bear and she doesn’t believe he would actually make her spend the night with him. Bill calls this an opportunity and what she does with it is up to her. Bill is intrigued by her and whatever time she chooses to spend with him, he promises to make it special. Donna doesn’t think anyone would give up a multi-million dollar deal just to get her to take off her clothes. Bill wants to know how she ticks and says her devotion interests him. He wants to know what it does when faced with a scenario like this, with a man like him. He again tells her if she sleeps with him, Eric will be safe. Donna says she lost the trust of her husband once and nothing would make her do that again. Donna hopes he will realize what he is planning to do is beneath him. Bill doesn’t have any real desire to send Eric to jail and suggests she tell him to accept this final offer. Bill gives her papers he’s drawn up with an offer of fifty million dollars and tells her to make sure they are signed by tomorrow morning.

Owen moves his stuff into Jackie’s place and makes her dinner. He tells her he likes to do things for her and knowing what she needs. Jackie thinks they both want to be happy and she will get Nick to accept them as a couple. She doesn’t need a man to run her life or to be someone’s trophy wife. She wonders why she can’t have a trophy of her own, which Owen doesn’t get offended by and admits he likes her money.

Stephanie and Eric fill Thorne and Felicia in on their hiring of undocumented workers and that Bill is threatening to send Eric to jail. Felicia doesn’t think his heart would survive jail and urges him to sell the company. Eric says if they want to sell Forrester after he’s gone he can’t stop them, but while there’s still a breath left in him, he won’t have it.

Eric talks to one of his illegal employees and tells him they’ve been exposed, but no one will know his real name. Eric gives him severance pay and the man reluctantly takes it.

Jarrett comes to Bill’s room and Bill asks for the photo. Jarrett gives him the cover shot of the next issue of Eye on Fashion with Eric’s face behind bars.

Eric shreds some papers and Felicia and Thorne attack their mother for airing the family’s dirty laundry in front of the world on her blogs. Eric defends Stephanie saying he never should have fired her and Stephanie accepts responsibility for her anger that she’s never gotten control over. She thinks she’s never felt lovable so she became unlovable. Eric tells her it’s not true because he loves her and the children love her.

Donna walks in the office as Thorne and Felicia urge Eric to sell the company. Donna agrees with them telling Eric Bill isn’t bluffing about sending him to jail. She gives him the contract and Eric is outraged by the offer. Eric won’t let Bill ruin him and take away his life’s work.

After Owen cleans up, he and Jackie talk about his enjoyment of her money and how Nick worries about him using her. Owen tells her she needs to decide if she is happy and as long as she doesn’t give him any blank checks they will be fine. He also jokingly tells her he doesn’t do credit cards and they kiss.

Donna calls Bill to tell him Eric won’t sign. She explains this is about Eric’s commitment to his employees and children. She suggests he go after Jackie M instead and asks him to prove he is the man she wants to believe he is.

After he hangs up with Donna, Bill tells Jarrett to run the cover of Eric behind bars and Jarrett balks. Bill demands, “Run it!”

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