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At Il Giardino, Taylor reminds Deacon he’s all about creating new opportunities. He balks. Taylor coaxes that now that Brooke has sworn off Ridge, she may be into trying an old favorite again. It could work out good for both of them. Deacon’s skeptical that the blonde would take him back and gripes that Ridge is always in the picture. She also went out with Hollis. Taylor explains that Brooke wants to be with someone who knows her and who she shares a history with, “Can you think of anyone who fits that description?”

At Forrester, RJ nd Steffy banter. He teasingly calls her the queen of fashion and Steffy warns him not to let his mom hear him calling her that. Talk turns to whether or not he still wants his mom back with their dad. RJ’s not match-making and doesn’t want to be involved in family drama, he just wants to make sure his mom is happy. Just then, Brooke walks in. RJ tells her they were talking about her a little bit.
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At the jail, Sheila recaps how Finn saved her life in the hospital. She knows that somewhere deep inside of him he still loves her. Finn looks scandalized at the very idea. He rants that he saved her life because he’s a doctor and that’s what he does. Sheila’s convinced that he hasn’t forgotten that she’s his birth mother, “That I am the one who brought you into this world.”

Finn informs Sheila that he spoke to his dad, who told him that she wanted him to get her out of there. Sheila wanted another chance to prove she could be a good, healthy influence in his life and Hayes’. Finn bellows, “You shot me, Sheila!” He reminds her she also tried to kill Steffy. That’s why she’s in there and she’s never getting out. There is no future with them and she doesn’t have a role to play in his life. “This! This is your life now! You’re going to spend the rest of it in a prison cell!”
Sheila Finn B&B

At Forrester, Brooke’s chuffed to know her happiness is so important to RJ. Steffy says she asked if he was playing matchmaker and he’s not. RJ just wants to know if the door is closed or not. Steffy decides to leave and tells them Finn had to take care of something and she wants to make sure he’s alright. Once alone, RJ asks his mother if she ever wishes she hadn’t made the pact with Taylor.

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At Il Giardino, Taylor realizes that Deacon thinks she’s trying to take advantage of the situation. Deacon’s curious as to why she’s encouraging him to go after Brooke. She says Brooke’s her friend and she’s never usually without a man. Deacon wants her to pinky swear she’s not using him as a distraction so she can pursue Ridge. Taylor insists this is about Deacon living his best life. He muses, “With Brooke.”

At the jail, Finn tells Sheila, “No more letters, no more email.” Sheila hopes in time he’ll understand she’s not his enemy. She gabbers about how she felt when she was pregnant with him. Finn says he came to tell her to leave him and his family alone. “I won’t visit you again. This is the last time we’ll ever see each other.” Sheila pleads, “Don’t do this to me!” Finn says she did this to herself with her own actions and says goodbye. He barks, “Guard!” Sheila protests, “No! I love you more than anything. This is not over!” as he leaves. Once alone, Sheila whispers, “You will see me again.”
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At Forrester, Brooke tells her son she doesn’t regret the pact with Taylor. She reminds him that his father left her and then left Taylor at the altar. RJ wants to see Brooke satisfied on her own, but only if it’s what she wants. Brooke insists she’s happy. RJ isn’t buying it and asks, “Don’t you still see Dad as your soulmate? Your destiny?” Brooke replies, “You know the answer to that. But, I made a pact with Taylor and I intend to keep it.”

At Il Giardino, Taylor thinks Deacon suffers from low self-esteem and talks up how he’s turned his life around. Deacon admits it’s pretty incredible. Taylor tells him he deserves all of this and is a good guy now. He’s business savvy, not terrible to look at, and is someone Brooke has loved. “Quit wondering what you can bring to the table… you are the damn table.” Deacon chuckles that there’s nothing sexier than a table.

In the design office, Steffy and Finn kiss and she asks, “How was it? Seeing Sheila?” Finn says it was what he expected. He told her he was just doing his job when he saved her life, but she made it about herself. Finn made it clear that she’ll never be a part of their lives. “I just want to forget her completely,” he grits. He and Steffy embrace.
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In her jail cell, Sheila tells herself, “I will be free again. With my son and his family.”

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At Forrester, Brooke recaps that she and Taylor aren’t going to fight over Ridge anymore. She’s happy about that. RJ asks if she and his dad never get back together again, would she be happy with that too? Brooke insists she’s happy with the pact. It was time to move on and she wasn’t coerced or pressured into it. They want to put their friendship first and she doesn’t have any reservations about that. “I trust Taylor completely.”

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At Il Giardino, Taylor knows how much Deacon loves Hope, who is also proud of him. “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could put her family back together?” She reminds him Brooke was the great love of his life. Deacon will always love her; they had some incredible times together, some of the best of his life. He flashes through memories of his love story with Brooke. When he asks if Taylor really thinks he has a shot with her again, she says he won’t know unless he takes the shot. She encourages him to spend time with her and Hope as a family and see if there’s nothing there. Deacon thinks that would open up the door for her and Ridge. Taylor wishes things could have been different for her and Ridge, but they’re not. She saw a spark with Deacon and Brooke earlier. Maybe there’s an old flame in there that they can turn into a wildfire.
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