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Steffy arrives at the cliff house and tells Finn she got Kelly to school on time. They canoodle and then talk about Amelia taking Haye to the aquarium. Finn would have liked to take the boy himself but he’s having a jam-packed day. Steffy asks why. Finn replies, “I’m going to prison.” Sheila wants to see him… not just because he’s her son, but because he’s her doctor. Steffy questions this and learns that she requested him personally. It’s blatant manipulation. Finn declares it’s time that he paid her a visit to make it clear she has absolutely no place in their lives.
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At the jail, Mike tries to coax a smile from Sheila, who tells her old pal she was hoping her visitor would be her son or his father. Mike asks what she’s up to with Jack. Sheila sighs, “Nothing.” She explains that Jack has clout and power. Mike guesses she was trying to work her charms on the poor sap and asks if it worked. Sheila says, “No.” Mike supposes she’s stuck in there with him then. Sheila chuckles, “Not for long.” Mike tells Sheila, “At least you’ve still got me.” She informs him that’s not much consolation. Mike urges her to accept her fate. Sheila won’t accept that this is her future, “I never will. I need to be free and connect with my son and grandson again.”

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At Forrester Creations, RJ picks up a sketching pad and Eric takes it from him, “No, no, no. Give me that.” Eric teases him about being a chip off the old block and asks what his grandson wanted to see him about. RJ says it’s about his mother; he wants to make sure she’s actually doing okay. She’s out there trying to embrace the single life, but can she really be happy with that? RJ recaps that a lie tore her and Ridge apart. Eric recalls that Brooke took a very strong stand with Ridge. RJ has to wonder if his mother will ever be truly at peace unless she’s reunited with his dad.
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At Il Giardino, Taylor tells Brooke not to be nervous; Hollis isn’t working today. Brooke says it wouldn’t have worked out since he’s too young. Taylor wasn’t expecting them to get married. Brooke would rather be in a relationship with someone she trusts, and somebody she has a history with. Just then, Deacon walks up and compliments them in Italian. Taylor and Brooke tell Deacon the food is 10/10. Deacon still finds it weird to see them getting along. Brooke crows that it was a wonderful surprise to become friends with Taylor. She can’t imagine them being rivals again. Taylor remarks on Brooke and Deacon getting along so well. Deacon says Brooke will always be his queen. She chirps that he could have any woman in the place. Deacon remarks on the special connection; the best kind of bond any two people could share. Brooke smiles, “Our sweet Hope.” Deacon says they made an awesome human being. Brooke murmurs, “We certainly did.”

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At Forrester, Eric takes a work call and then disconnects and apologizes to RJ. He says he’s not sure he’s the person to ask about Brooke. He suggests his grandson talk to her. He’s impressed, however, with how sensitive he is to his mother’s feelings. They embrace. Steffy walks in and Eric chortles that they’re his two favorite grandkids. He heads out. Steffy asks RJ if she walked in on something. RJ says he was talking to him about his mom, “I’m a little worried about her.”
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At Il Giardino, Deacon and Brooke enthuse about Hope’s successful trip to San Francisco. Deacon turns to Taylor and says he knows he’s a little over-protective, but, “Props to your son, too.” Taylor tells them that Thomas is so happy to be back designing with the team. Brooke remarks on their very healthy working relationship. Talk turns to Deacon’s success with the restaurant. Brooke thinks he’ll be the next hot Los Angeles restaurateur. Deacon teases, “I heard hot.” Brooke laughs, “I did say that.”

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At the jail, Sheila is told that she has another visitor. The guard lets in Finn. Sheila lights up, “My son! You came!” She gushes, “You got my letters? I’ve written you over and over since they put me in here.” Sheila says she nearly lost faith that he’d come. “I’d be dead if you hadn’t shown me the compassion you did.” Finn retorts, “Sheila, I’m a doctor.” He wouldn’t let his worst enemy die on the table. Sheila continues, “You fought for me… you brought me back.” She goes on about the spiritual connection they share. She gave him life and he gave her life, “Thank you, son. I thank you for saving my life.”
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At Forrester, RJ tells Steffy that his mom is always acting carefree, but she’s been through a lot lately. Steffy knows, she lived it. RJ isn’t looking to bash Thomas. Steffy tells him he has a right to his feelings; Thomas hurt Brooke. RJ is giving him the opportunity to prove he’s changed. Steffy believes him. RJ says it doesn’t erase what he put his mom through — he completely upended her life. Steffy nods, “Because she’s not with dad.”
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At Il Giardino, Brooke gets a text that she needs to go back to work. Taylor will catch up with her later. Brooke says goodbye to Deacon, who says he hates to see her go, but loves to watch her leave. They all crack up. Once Brooke’s gone, Taylor asks Deacon to sit. She muses that Brooke accepts him and knows him. There’s a reason they got together all those years ago. Deacon asks what she’s getting at. Taylor feels he’s made some huge strides in his life and Brooke sees that and respects that… what if the timing is just right, especially now that Ridge is out of the picture. “This could be an opportunity, if you will, Mr. Sharpe. To have a shot at a life…” Deacon concludes, “With Brooke.” Taylor nods, “With Brooke.”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila manipulates Finn, and Brooke is determined to honor her pact with Taylor.

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