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At Spencer Publications, Liam asks Steffy if they should check with the Forrester pilot for another update. Steffy reminds him they didn’t check that long ago and the pilot told her that it didn’t look as thought they’d get back tonight. Liam mutters about Thomas not behaving himself and the temptation of being alone with Hope. There’s a lot of things he can forgive, but not that. Never that.

Liam whines that he should have seen this coming when Hope brought Thomas back to work on her line. There will always be business trips. It’s naïve to think that Thomas wouldn’t want to tag along every chance he gets. Steffy reminds him the buyers wanted to see Thomas. That’s not accurate. Liam keeps ranting and Steffy informs him that Thomas isn’t going to be an issue when it comes to Hope. Liam asks, “So, I have nothing to worry about? Nothing at all?” Steffy flashes to grilling Hope about having feelings for Thomas and sighs.
Liam Steffy B&B

In the hotel room in San Francisco, Thomas assures Hope that she’s nothing like her mother and that nothing will come between her and Liam. She thanks him and they embrace. As they pull out of the hug, they’re face to face and look at each other’s lips. Suddenly, Hope’s phone rings and it’s the Forrester pilot with good news… the jet is set to go. She thanks him and says they’ll be there soon. Hope disconnects and she and Thomas stare at each other.
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At Spencer, Steffy doesn’t know what else to say to convince Liam he doesn’t have to worry about her brother. Liam tells her that her mother had plenty to say. Steffy understands why he feels the way he does. Liam exclaims that everyone seems to think he should get over himself. Steffy doesn’t believe Thomas won’t initiate anything. Liam won’t let anything come between his marriage… especially him.

In San Francisco, Thomas suggests Hope call Liam, who will undoubtedly be relieved to hear she’s coming home tonight. Hope does so. Liam tells her she’s been gone less than a day and it feels like so much longer than that. Hope looks at Thomas, then turns away and tells Liam that she can’t wait to be in his arms again.

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At Spencer, Liam disconnects from Hope and fills Steffy in. She says Thomas isn’t the one he should be concerned about… he has his head on straight. Liam really wants to believe that.

In San Francisco, Thomas tells Hope he’s called and canceled the other room. She’s glad they can go home tonight. He says, “Hope to your husband and family.” They hold each other’s gaze.

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Steffy arrives at home to find Finn has put the kids down and whipped up dinner. He greets her with wine and they sit down. Talk turns to Hope and Thomas’ trip to San Francisco. Steffy relays that Liam wasn’t pleased, and he was even less happy when he learned that they wouldn’t make it back tonight. Finn knows that he doesn’t trust her brother. Steffy updates that Hope and Thomas are on their way back; the plane was fixed. Finn thinks, “No harm no foul. Liam can relax.” Steffy says there’s more… concerning Hope.
Finn Steffy B&B

At Spencer, Wyatt talks numbers to Liam, who is totally distracted. He hollers, “Liam! I could use your feedback here.” Liam’s not with it and has the wrong document. Wyatt threatens to hold him down and force feed him red meat if he can’t keep up. He finally asks, “What has you distracted right now? Is it Hope and Thomas again?! This is getting really old…” Liam says they’re in San Francisco together right now.

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On the Forrester jet, the pilot apologizes for the delay. Hope and Thomas assure him it’s fine; these things happen. Once alone, Thomas congratulates his “boss” on a successful trip. Hope says there’s no denying with they said, “We make a pretty impressive team.” Their eyes lock.

At Spencer, Wyatt tells Liam that Hope will be back tonight. He knows it was his worst nightmare for her to be stuck in another city with the guy who obsessed over her. Liam says that at least he didn’t try anything… Hope would have told him if he had. He relays that Steffy would beg to differ. She has a good read on her brother, so when she says he’s a changed man… Wyatt interjects, “You believe her?” Liam replies, “I was going to say that I feel even more alone.”

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At the cliff house, Finn can see his wife is still distracted and urges her to “lay it on me.” Steffy relays that Liam said if Hope ever crossed the line with Thomas, he wouldn’t be able to forgive her. Finn says Thomas isn’t going to get fixated on her again, so all of this is moot. Steffy swigs her wine. “What I didn’t say to Liam is that it’s not Thomas he should be concerned about… it’s Hope.”
Finn Steffy B&B

On the Forrester jet, Hope’s neck has seized up and Thomas slides over to try and work out the knot. Hope closes her eyes as Thomas’ hands rub her shoulders. The pilot comes on the loudspeaker and tells them to prepare for landing. Thomas says they’ll be home soon. Hope turns and looks into his eyes.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy tells Finn that she’s concerned about Hope, not Thomas, and Liam prepares a romantic surprise.

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