Donna wonders what’s in it for Bill if she sleeps with him. He responds it will be a night he will never forget, but she thinks it’s just a power play and tells him there will be no romantic evening with her. Bill hopes Eric is prepared to sell to him then. He tells her to enjoy her evening with her Honey Bear because there won’t be many more.

Nick and Bridget make out in his office and she finds doodles of Owen on his desk. Nick admits Owen is really bugging him, but he will feel better after he kills him. Nick can’t work so he decides to go to Jackie’s to make sure ‘Mr. Six Pack’ isn’t there.

At Jackie’s place, Owen and Jackie kiss and canoodle and then take a roll in the hay. Owen says he won’t give her up for anyone and they laugh about taking advantage of Nick's desk earlier. Owen wants Nick to realize how serious they are and suggests the two of them move in together. Jackie laughs, but Owen is serious and asks her to move to the beach house. Jackie suggests he move in with her instead and Owen agrees.

Bill and Donna come back to Eric’s office, who tells Bill he can’t have his company. Bill threatens to expose his hiring of illegal employees, but Stephanie is confident they can spin it. Donna panics, looks at Bill and says she just needs ‘one night’ and she can help Eric through this. Bill says, “One night. You’ve got yourself a deal.”

Alone with Donna, Eric wonders what one night will change. Donna wants the chance to give him some input on the situation and Eric assumes she’ll urge him to sell. She cries and tells him she doesn’t want to lose him and urges him to not let Bill send him to jail.

Donna comes to Bill’s room and he asks her not to be nervous. She sees candles lit and champagne chilling and notes he’s gone all out. Bill promised her a night to remember and pours her a glass, which she doesn’t drink. Donna doesn’t want to be there and Bill apologizes but tells her Eric is a stuttering old man who will grow tired of her honey and lingerie and will always go back to his family, memories and Stephanie. He thinks Donna came there not to sleep with him, but to talk him out of hurting Eric. He implores her to let him give her a great night.

Stephanie comes back to see Eric who tells her this situation has made him realize what is really important in life, which is family and memories. Stephanie asks him to be realistic, but Eric won’t sell FC.

Nick uses his key to barge into Jackie’s place and yells at Owen for him to get dressed and get out! Jackie asks Owen to leave so she can talk to Nick. After Owen exits, she tells Nick that Owen is moving in and Nick is furious. He tells her this won’t last and she will get hurt. Jackie knows what she’s doing and understands the risks, but she intends to enjoy every moment of it. She needs Nick to accept this because she now has companionship and feels alive. Jackie begs Nick not to make her choose and Nick walks out, as Owen emerges from upstairs looking pensive.

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