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At Spencer Publications, Liam wraps up a business call as Steffy enters the office. Liam tells her she’s so much prettier than Wyatt. Steffy has Kelly’s bracelet she likes to wear at soccer. She also wanted to check in and see if he heard anything from Hope and Thomas about their business trip to San Francisco.

In San Francisco, Hope and Thomas finish their presentation to the appreciative buyers. They’re told they make an incredible team. Hope couldn’t agree more.

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At Spencer, Liam tells Steffy he hasn’t heard from Hope, but just then he gets a message from hr saying the meeting has wrapped, went great, and they’re heading to the jet to come home. Steffy’s glad to hear it; she knows it was a little concerning for him. Liam’s just glad she’s on her way home now.

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In San Francisco, Thomas and Hope usher the buyers out the door and then celebrate expanding their scope. They thank each other and smile. Hope gets a call from the pilot, who tells them that the jet is having mechanical issues, “We might not get out tonight. I’ll keep you posted.” Hope disconnects and Thomas says he knows she wants to get home to Liam, “I feel terrible.”
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Later, Hope rants about the jet having mechanical issues when she’s there with Thomas, “Liam is going to love this.” Thomas is on hold trying to get her on a commercial flight and she thanks him. He reminds her they did great things for the line today, “Amazing teamwork.” Hope laughs that they were finishing each other’s sentences. Thomas’ call concludes and he tells Hope the only flight out tonight is fully booked. Hope curses and knows Liam will be expecting her to walk through the door, not spend the night there with Thomas. “This isn’t good.”
Thomas Hope B&B

At Spencer, Liam doesn’t like Thomas and Hope together in any context. Steffy reminds him that her brother has changed, and they make a great team. Liam gets a call from Hope and congratulates her on the meeting, “I’m proud of you.” Hope stammers, “Uh, thanks. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a problem. The jet is having mechanical issues.” Liam teases that it’s a good thing they figured it out while she’s still on the ground. He asks if she’ll fly commercial. Hope explains the only flight out is fully booked. Liam asks if she’s saying she’s going to be spending the night in San Francisco with Thomas. Steffy’s eyes widen. Hope tells him it’s possible. Liam gawps, “Seriously?!” Hope really wants to see him but has to go. She’ll keep him posted. Liam disconnects and Steffy asks, “Hope and Thomas are spending the night in San Francisco?” Liam nods.
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In San Francisco, Thomas tells Hope he ordered them some food. He asks if Liam is upset. Hope says they had a great day, and she doesn’t want to ruin it. She’s going to think positively that the jet will be fixed. They laugh and Hope says at least it’s good company. Thomas worries that this isn’t as bad for him — she needs to get back to her family. Hope wants to eat the dinner he ordered and bask in their success. Thomas picks up the phone to book himself a room just in case. Hope looks at him thoughtfully.
Thomas Hope B&B

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At Spencer, Liam balks at the thought of Hope and Thomas alone together overnight. Steffy flashes to them holding hands in the office and makes a face.
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Steffy gets on a call and confirms to Liam that Hope and Thomas may have to spend the night out of town. Liam complains that with his luck, the hotel will almost be fully booked and Thomas will be chivalrous enough to offer to share his room with Hope. Steffy sighs, “Liam stop. You know that’s not going to happen.” She knows he has reason to doubt her brother, she just thinks he needs to give Thomas the benefit of the doubt, “It would save you some grief.” Liam argues that Thomas has stopped before and always returns to scheming. He recalls that he begged Hope not to work with him, but the next day she hired him. Liam was convinced that was the end of all peace and harmony in their household, but Hope has been amazing. She assured him repeatedly that if Thomas tries anything, he’s out of there. Steffy flashes to confronting Hope and then tells Liam that her brother’s feelings are in check, “You don’t have to worry about him.”
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In San Francisco, Thomas and Hope toast with sparkling water to their success over dinner. Hope tells Thomas it’s been great to see the changes in him, not just at work, but for Douglas as well. She’s proud to call him her business partner and friend. Thomas says her high praise means the world. He notices she’s giving him “that look” again and asks what it means. Hope says, “You know that I love Liam and my family means everything to me.” Thomas says, “Of course.” Hope says she’s reassured her husband of that repeatedly. She finds it ironic that she has to reassure him given what he’s done in the past and she’s never given him any reason to worry. Thomas asks, “Worry about what?” Hope scratches her head, “It has not always been easy to grow up in my mother’s shadow.” There’s been a lot of judgement passed on her mom, and some of it gets passed onto her. She’s not like her mom, with her stupid excuse of following her heart when she just leaves a trail of devastation behind her. “I never wanted to be like that. My principles and my morals, they matter to me.” Thomas assures her she’s nothing like her mother. He’s watched her his entire life. She loves her family and always wants to be with Liam, “Nothing is going to come between you two.” Hope wipes away a tear and thanks him. Thomas gives her a hug. As they come out of it, Hope looks at his lips as though they might kiss.
Thomas Hope B&B

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