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In Forrester’s design office, Thomas is sketching when Carter walks in with Hope saying he just got the call. It turns out some of their most influential buyers are in San Francisco and want Hope and Thomas to fly out to see them… today.

In the main office, Steffy and Finn make out. Liam walks in, shouts, “Ohh!” and turns around. He’s looking for Hope and awkwardly asks, “How are you?”
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Steffy hands Liam their daughter’s backpack while he’s there and Finn asks how he’s holding up — it’s no secret he has issues with Hope and Thomas working together.

In the design office, Carter explains to Thomas and Hope that he can have the jet ready. They need to leave right now. Hope asks Thomas if he’s willing to go. He says, “Of course. Are you?” Hope thinks it will be a great way to show them their confidence. Thomas is committed to the line and says, “Let’s roll!” Hope beams.
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In the main office, Finn tells Liam he thinks Thomas has changed a lot. He’s been doing therapy and has been a better father. He can’t say whether Liam should be less vigilant where Hope is concerned. Steffy thinks her brother is doing the work. Liam doesn’t want to take Thomas’s word for it as he’s made that mistake before. “If I let my guard down and something does happen; if he snaps, I’m never going to forgive myself.” Steffy says Hope doesn’t need protection from Thomas and flashes to grilling her about holding her brother’s hands. She tells Liam that Thomas won’t do anything to interfere in his marriage.

In the design office, Carter recaps that Thomas and Hope will be back in time to say goodnight to their kids. Donna is booking a hotel room and setting up catering. Carter warns this meeting could be crucial to their success. As they talk, Carter gets a text and tells them the jet’s being fueled. “It’s in your hands now. Bring it home.” Hope and Thomas discuss which designs they should bring. She’s excited, but Thomas worries that Liam isn’t going to be too thrilled about this. Just then, Liam appears in the doorway and asks, “Thrilled about what? What’s going on?”

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Hope tells her husband that she has to fly to San Francisco today. Some of their most influential buyers are in town. Liam thinks that’s great. He wonders why she’d think he wouldn’t be thrilled, then realizes, “Thomas is going.” Thomas confirms the buyers want to meet with both of them. He assures Liam he has nothing to worry about as he exits the office.
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In the main office, Steffy and Finn are making out again when Thomas busts in to grab his sketches. He suggests they lock the door. Steffy muses that they should have learned their lesson when Liam walked in earlier. Thomas tells them that Liam is with Hope across the hall. He explains about the impromptu trip to San Francisco they have to take and guesses that Liam isn’t wishing his wife a bon voyage.
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In the design office, Hope tells Liam that they only learned about this meeting a few minutes ago. Liam snarks, “Hope and Thomas take on San Francisco.” Hope says it’s just for the day and is very important for their line. “You understand why I have to go, right?” Liam tells her, “I’ll be waiting for you to get home tonight.” Hope assures him she doesn’t take it for granted how he looks out for her. “My commitment is to you and only you. I love you.” Liam says he loves her too and they embrace.

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In the main office, Steffy tells Finn that the meeting with the buyers is a game-changer for the company. Finn seeks confirmation that Hope and Thomas are on the plane by now. Steffy says they are. Finn says, “Good. Maybe we won’t get interrupted again.” They start kissing and… Liam walks in on them again. He reminds them the door has a lock and says he forgot Kelly’s stuff. Talk turns to the trip. Finn wonders if he’s okay with it. Liam’s obviously not pleased about Hope and Thomas taking a “trippy trip” together. Steffy tells him it’s important for the company and that Thomas is talented. Liam has no doubt about that. He wishes Hope was going with anyone else on the planet, but he has total faith in her. There’s no concern he has about Thomas that trumps the faith he has in his wife. Steffy’s eyes widen.

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On the jet, Thomas hands Hope a water and they chat about the meeting with the designers. Hope asks the pilot, “There will be no delays tonight?” He confirms there won’t be. As the jet fires up, Thomas asks Hope about her conversation with Liam. He doesn’t want to cause any issue in her marriage. Hope appreciates that. It wasn’t that long ago that taking a trip with him would have given her pause… but he’s changed. Thomas asks, “What about Liam?” Hope says Liam know she loves him and that nothing and no one will ever come between them. Thomas believes that; Hope has never been that kind of person. He saw her mother growing up; Brooke made a lot of mistakes. “You would never do that. Not you. Never you.” Hope gulps and makes stressed faces.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: When Hope and Thomas’ flight home is delayed, Steffy flies into action, Liam gets anxious, Thomas searches for a solution, and Hope attempts to maintain her emotions and composure.

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