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At Forrester, Hope flashes to making love with Liam and smiles. She then remembers holding hands with Thomas and immediately tries to distract herself. Steffy walks in and says, “We have to talk… about what I saw between you and my brother.”

In the design office, Thomas is sketching away when Taylor comes in and admires her boy hard at work. She apologizes for breaking his concentration and then goes on about him following hin his dad and grandad’s footsteps. Thomas says, “I hear it runs in the blood.” Taylor agrees, but Thomas has his very own way of doing things. “You’re going to make it happen and shock them all.”
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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Liam are debating a new platform. Wyatt suggests reaching out to Hope to see if the fashion house can utilize something like this… or perhaps her top designer. Liam grimaces, “Wow!” Wyatt chuckles, “I couldn’t help myself.” They go back to talking about the app. Liam admits it has potential. Wyatt thinks maybe he should talk to Thomas’ people about it. Liam hollers that he’s trying to get him out of his head but Wyatt keeps shoving him in there again, “Stop it!”

In the design office, Taylor goes on about how much Thomas is like Ridge when he’s designing; so laser-focused. Thomas muses, “As long as I’m laser-focused on Hope For the Future and not Hope, right Mom?”

In the main office, Steffy tells Hope she has to know, “I need to be 100% certain that you have no inappropriate feelings towards my brother.”
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At Spencer, Liam and Wyatt are certain that Thomas will cross the line again. Liam scoffs that nobody goes through a sweeping life change like that in a month. Wyatt agrees it’s not real. Liam recaps that he’s keeping his eye on him. Hope also claims she’s watching for red flags. He trusts her, but it’s frustrating that she works so much with Thomas. He doesn’t want the designer to interfere in his marriage.
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In the design office, Taylor recalls how Thomas used to watch Ridge design for hours as a child. Thomas recalls those times had such a huge impact on him and now there’s no place else he’d rather be. Taylor wishes he had a healthier balance between work and… Thomas sighs, “I go on dates, Mom.” He guesses she’s still worried about his potential feelings for Hope. He couldn’t be ore grateful that he has someone who cares about him so much. They embrace.

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In the main office, Steffy reminds Hope that there is so much riding on her partnership with Thomas, as well as his well-being. Hope understands her being protective of her brother. She points out that Steffy believes he’s changed — is she not allowed to do the same? To appreciate the man Thomas has become. Steffy doesn’t want her unraveling the progress he’s made. She walked in on them holding hands. Hope sighs, “We got caught up in the moment.” Steffy retorts, “What kind of moment?” Hope gasps, “Steffy! You know better than anyone that my line was on the brink of collapse and your brother helped save it.” They’re co-parents and Thomas is a good friend of hers. She denies having romantic feelings.
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In the design office, Taylor tells Thomas that she doesn’t just come there to check up on him. She also wants to see his handsome face. Thomas teases that she wants to be sure he’s getting enough vitamins and sleep. Taylor reveals that she watched the season finale of their show without him and he jokingly gets mad. He tells her she’s sweet and he’s glad she checks on him. Taylor tells him he’s doing so good and is truly committed to making a real shift happen.

At Spencer, Wyatt hands off some paperwork to the receptionist and then asks Liam if things with Hope are good. He confirms they’re good; they’d be great if not for Thomas. They’ve had some disagreements of late. “It would be easier if I didn’t have to conform to the whole ‘Thomas is a changed man’ narrative.” That’s what’s created conflict between them… in some areas. In other areas, they’re actually pretty good. Wyatt grins, “Other areas.” Liam concludes that he has nothing to complain about and Hope has never been so loving and affectionate. Wyatt is glad to hear it. They call Thomas ‘Stupid Face’ and Liam sums up that no one is more loyal or committed than his wife.

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In the main office at Forrester, Hope informs Steffy that while she may be Brooke Logan’s daughter, she is nothing like her when it comes to men. She would never do anything to undermine the life she has built for herself and her family, and she would never do anything inappropriate with any man, let alone Thomas.

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In the design office, Thomas wishes he had time to take his mom to lunch. She knows he’s creating masterpieces and she has a full day of clients. Thomas tells her he doesn’t know what he would have done without her support. Taylor reminds him he’s not alone and she sees him. “I am just so proud that I get to ride shotgun on this journey with you.” They express their love and hug again.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt tells Liam he deserves all the happiness in the world. Liam’s just glad to know he can always count on Hope. “There is no one more kind or compassionate or with more integrity than Hope Logan.” Wyatt muses that the apple fell far from the tree with Hope and Brooke. Liam agrees, they have different value systems. Wyatt finds it hard to believe sometimes. Liam grins that Hope has a strict moral code and never strays from it. He never has to question her fidelity.

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In Forrester’s main office, Steffy doesn’t want to see Thomas get all caught up in things with Hope again. Hope insists that Thomas knows how committed she is to Liam. She confides that she and her husband have never been more connected. Steffy’s glad they’re in a good place. She muses that maybe her imagination was running wild when she walked in on her and Thomas. Hope reiterates that she’s happily married to Liam. Steffy sighs. Things have just been going so well between their families, she doesn’t want anything to mess it up. Hope smiles, “You don’t have to worry about Thomas and me, okay? I promise.” She holds out her arms and she and Steffy hug.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam voices his concern when he learns Hope and Thomas are traveling together, and Hope gets overwhelmed by feelings she can’t control.

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