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At Forrester, Thomas tells RJ he loves being in the office and being productive. He wonders why RJ is there at that hour. RJ is looking for Hope. Thomas doesn’t know where she is. RJ remarks on his family members all working together. He feels part of it all, but stayed out of the country because he doesn’t like being the one connecting everybody… especially when someone was causing trouble. Thomas knows he means him. RJ confronts his brother for crossing lines multiple times. Thomas acknowledges this, but says he’s been working on himself and can finally be the brother he deserves. He doesn’t want to meddle in their dad’s love life ever again. RJ is glad to hear it. Thomas reiterates that their relationships are their problems. RJ assumes it’s the same with Hope, and asks, “Where do things stand with you and my sister?”

At the cabin, Hope tells Liam she needs more hubby time, and they need to make nights together a priority. She’s sorry she hasn’t been there for him as much as she’d like to be right now. Hope pulls out a special wine and Liam’s surprised… he thought she was saving it for their anniversary. Hope proposes a toast to what really matters. She’s been focused on work lately, but nothing means more to her than this family. “Here’s to us.” Liam grins, “To us.” They drink and Hope smiles at her husband.

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At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy canoodle and talk about the kids. Steffy rubs her neck, and he asks if she’s okay. Steffy confesses that something happened at the office today. Finn asks, “Something that worries you?” Steffy flashes to seeing Hope and Thomas holding hands and sighs. She isn’t sure if it’s a situation of if she’s reading too much into it. Finn asks if it has to do with Hope and her brother.
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At Forrester, Thomas tells RJ that he and Hope are doing very well as co-workers and co-parents. He knows RJ loves her. They agree she deserves the best. RJ gathers Thomas thought that was him for a long time. Thomas says he came back as a single dad, his son connected with Hope, and she filled a role in his life… for that, he will always love her. RJ reminds him she’s married to someone else now. Thomas didn’t respect that in the past, but he’s earned back forgiveness and has realized in himself that he’s not that person anymore. Hope, Liam, and their marriage have nothing to worry about.
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At the cabin, Liam admits to Hope he was worried about her working with Thomas again. She clears her throat and reminds him that they shouldn’t be discussing Thomas… tonight is supposed to be about them. Liam says, “Right,” and she pulls him into a kiss. Liam puts their wine glasses aside and lunges for her as they make out.

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At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn he’s very perceptive. The Hope For the Future line is doing well. He guesses the problem must be with the people behind it then. “Was it a mistake letting Hope and Thomas work together?” he asks.

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At Forrester, RJ’s impressed with Thomas and proud of the person he’s become. Thomas remarks on RJ’s success lining up sponsorships and traveling around. RJ has a great idea — Thomas should tell Dad that. Thomas doesn’t want to get involved, but assures RJ that he’s welcome to shadow him any time if he’s interested in the process. RJ thanks him. Thomas tells RJ he’s glad he’s back. RJ quips, “Well, hey, that makes two of us.”

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At the cabin, Liam and Hope finish making love and he gasps that she’s never been more passionate or in the moment. Hope just wants him to know how she feels. “It’s important to me to show you how much I love you.”
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At the cliff house, Finn is taken aback when Steffy confirms she’s worried about Hope and Thomas working together… she’s been reassuring Liam, who is still convinced Thomas will make a move. Steffy clarifies that she still believes in her brother, that hasn’t changed. “I trust him completely and I won’t let anyone or anything derail the progress he’s made.” Finn guesses she’s worried Liam’s negativity will affect her brother and reassures her. Steffy wants to change the subject and pulls Finn into an embrace. As he nuzzles her neck, she looks worried.
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In the design office, Thomas flashes to Hope and then starts sketching, pausing to flash again to them holding hands while looking concerned.

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Laying with Liam in the cabin, Hope flashes to holding Thomas’ hands and recalls Steffy asking if she’s turning into her mother. She tells Liam, “I hope you know how much you and are family… you come first. I love you, never doubt that, right?” Liam has never doubted her. He’s never questioned her feelings or her loyalty and he never will. He kisses her forehead.

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