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At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Ridge she hasn’t been able to wipe the smile off her face since RJ came home. They discuss how much it hurt when he was away… but you have to let them go. Talk turns to their son’s talent and Ridge pulls out the sketch RJ did of him. Brooke laughs, “It looks just like you, that’s what’s so funny.”
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At Il Giardino, Liam and Wyatt enthuse about sealing a business deal. Wyatt asks what’s happening with the Thomas and Hope situation. “Any updates?”
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Wyatt knows his brother’s been struggling with the idea of Hope working so closely with Thomas. He asks if anything concerning has happened. Liam says not technically, but that doesn’t mean something won’t happen. He goes on about Hope being very trusting, which gives her a huge blind spot. It’s why he has to keep an eye on things… especially Thomas.

In the design office, Thomas and Hope debate about the hemline on a model’s gown as Steffy watches. Hope makes a suggestion and Thomas says that was his instinct as well. The model exclaims that the two of them make magic together. Steffy states that Hope and Thomas make great business partners. Thomas turns to shoot her a look.
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In the main office, Taylor walks in and sees Brooke and Ridge laughing. She asks what’s going on. Brooke shows her RJ’s caricature of their ex and the women giggle and agree on the resemblance. Taylor loves that they’re all getting along and have become the extended family they should have been all along. Brooke grins, “Yeah!”
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In the design office, the model, Petra, hits on Thomas as she leaves the office. Hope clears her throat. Steffy congratulates her and Thomas on having the line back on track. Hope’s nervous but Thomas is confident they’re going to kill it. Hope tells him he’s given new life t the line and she couldn’t be more grateful. They grin at each other as Steffy watches.
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At Il Giardino, Wyatt and Liam agree that Deacon’s done a great job with the place. Liam says Hope’s always believed in her dad and loves to rub it in their faces that she was right about him. Wyatt just hopes she’s right about Thomas. Liam reveals that he went to talk to the designer, who assured him he’d changed and there was nothing to worry about. Wyatt asks, “So… you believed him.” Liam cracks up.
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In the main office, Taylor, Brooke, and Ridge enthuse about their families being together and not fighting anymore. Taylor assures Brooke that Thomas is in a good place now. Brooke hopes she’s right since her daughter has invested a lot in him.

In the design office, Thomas goes on to Hope about granting him the ability to come back and design her line. “Thank you for that.” Steffy watches as Hope tells him he has to stop thanking her and gushes that this collection wouldn’t be the same without him. She crosses her fingers and announces that she’s going to check on the numbers. Thomas clasps her hands and tells her she doesn’t have to do that; it’s going to be a success. Once alone, Steffy remarks to her brother that she sees him doing a good job and knows how focused he is on the success of the line, “But what about the personal side. I love you, Thomas, but I have to ask: Are you still fixated on Hope?” Thomas sighs.
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At Il Giardino, Liam recaps that Thomas has shown himself repeatedly to be unstable and he doesn’t want Hope to get caught up in that. He’s trying to let her exercise her own judgment but it’s difficult because he knows how manipulative Thomas can be. Wyatt warns his brother to be careful not to talk too much about Thomas when he’s spending time with his wife. Liam shares that Hope has been consciously carving out time for them. “I don’t know what I did to deserve a woman like Hope.”
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In the main office, Ridge and Taylor remark that Thomas is making really good choices. They’re proud as parents. Taylor thinks that, in time, he will earn Brooke’s trust too. The blonde concedes he seems to be making changes, “Let’s just hope it sticks.” Taylor says he’s doing the work and has healed his relationships.

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In the design office, Thomas says he appreciates Steffy’s concern and assures her he’s been going to therapy and is keeping his priorities straight. Steffy concedes that it certainly seems that way. Thomas is focused on work, Douglas, and family. Even if Hope threw herself at him, he’d say no. Steffy tells him that will never happen. He says it was just a joke. Steffy smirks, “Too soon, bro.” Thomas reassures her again and they embrace. Steffy breathes, “Thank God.”

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Later, Thomas is sketching when Hope returns to the design office. He asks if she got the numbers yet. She says, “Yep,” and shoots him a sad look. It’s a trick though, because she reveals that the numbers weren’t good… they were great! Hope credits Thomas for turning everything around. “No one understands me like you.” Steffy comes up the hall and listens as Hope continues on, saying working with Thomas this time around has been amazing and now there’s no limit to where they can take Hope For the Future. Thomas tells her, “You’re my inspiration. It’s like it’s going from your head through these hands out into the world.” Hope takes his hands and says, “Thank goodness for these hands then. And thank goodness for you. Thank you for seeing me.” As they continue holding hands and share a look, Steffy, peeking in, drops her jaw. They let go of hands as Thomas says he has to go across the hall for something. He says, “Congratulations.” Hope says, “Back at you.” Once Thomas has gone, Steffy walks in behind Hope.

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Elsewhere, Thomas flashes to Hope holding his hands and looking at him in that certain way.

In the design office, Steffy shuts the door noisily and startles Hope. Noting that she seemed lost in thought, Steffy recaps that they thought they could trust her and Thomas to work together. Hope says that was right. Steffy sees she was right about Thomas, what she didn’t know, and never would have thought, is that it would be Hope… “Flirting with Thomas. I saw you, Hope. You were looking right in Thomas’ eyes and laying it on pretty thick.” She won’t let her derail Thomas. He finally sees his full potential and she will not let Hope or anyone else set him back. She will only ask once and wants the truth, “Hope! Do you have feelings for my brother?!”
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