Stephanie tells Eric that Bill knows their secret about hiring undocumented workers and is coming to see him. Eric thinks it could be a bluff and they have to get Bill to show his cards. Eric and Stephanie recall the past and Eric says he just wanted to help his employees get a leg up. Stephanie says she couldn’t say no to him even though she knew it was wrong. Donna comes in and demands to know what Stephanie is doing there. Eric explains the situation and says he may go to jail because Bill Spencer may know what he’s done because of what Stephanie said. Donna explodes at Stephanie.

Jarrett is stunned that Eric would hire illegal workers and Bill says he has hit the mother load and will cash in big time. Bill instructs Jarrett to keep digging. Jarrett thinks Bill just wants FC for himself. Bill says that’s his goal, but he also has something else in mind and looks at a magazine cover of Donna.

Nick asks Bridget if she thinks Owen is a conman. Bridget thinks he is being too harsh on Owen and reminds him they owe him because of what happened at the beach house. Nick says he’ll let him live, maybe, and kisses her. Nick thinks Owen has Jackie right where he wants her, but he thinks Jackie will eventually want something real and will realize Owen can’t give her that.

Owen worries about Nick’s reaction to them being together and Jackie says other people will probably react the same way when they find out. She reminds him he wants a family and children and since she can’t give him that, there are certain realities they have to face. Owen doesn’t care that they are in different stages in their lives and believes it only matters that they make each other happy. Owen says they can adopt when they decide the time is right and Jackie can’t believe he is suggesting that. Owen says he will do whatever it takes to make a life with her. Jackie is leery of the idea and Owen says they don’t need to adopt now, he’s just trying to find ways that they can stay together. He thinks they are on a great ride and she makes him feel alive. Any guy would be nuts not to see her for what she is. She is the best thing that has ever come into his life and he wants more of her and he hopes she wants the same thing too. Jackie hugs Owen and calls him sweet and magnificent because no man has ever said anything so touching to her in her whole life. She tells him she was very lonely, not long ago, but he has changed everything. She isn’t lonely or sad anymore and she is very happy because of him. She wonders how she could not want more and passionately kisses him.

Bill comes to Eric’s office and Eric tells him he won’t sell his company. Bill tells Eric, Donna and Stephanie he has proof of what Eric did and how he did it. He says he has enough ammo to send him away for a very long time and says either Eric sells FC under his terms or he goes to the slammer. Eric calls it extortion, but Bill likes to think of it as playing hardball and offers the lower price of sixty million dollars. Eric says FC is not for sale because it is a family business. Bill says it would have stayed that way had Stephanie not gone soft on him. Stephanie says it will stay a family company and Eric will be in charge and she will make sure of it. Bill calls FC a rare jewel that has coveted it for years. He doesn't think they want to fight him on this and Eric calls him cruel, but Bill just thinks he’s a businessman who doesn’t get cluttered up by emotions. Bill wonders why Stephanie is so devoted to Eric all of a sudden. Stephanie says it’s one thing to vent but another to send someone to jail. She calls Eric a decent and good man, something Bill wouldn't know anything about. Bill suggests Eric and Stephanie talk about the issue alone and he and Donna leave. Eric tells Stephanie it is his responsibility and Bill is holding a gun to his head.

Bill tells Donna that if she spends one night with him, he will leave Eric alone. Donna thinks he is disgusting. Bill is just intrigued by her and why she would be with Eric. He thinks she is different and wishes she weren’t married because then he would romance the pants off her. There are few people he desires to spend time with and she’s one of them. He wants to give her the most incredible evening of her life and in turn she will be giving her husband the chance to hold on to everything he holds dear.

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