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Ridge wants to see what R.J. can do and gives him a blank pad to draw on. “This is a door to open, a door to life!” He urges R.J. to use his gift, but he wants to know where it “lands” with the young man. Ridge gets that he doesn’t want to do anything with Forrester, but who cares what R.J. wants? He might surprise himself if he starts designing. So do it. But “there’s no pressure.”

Charlie comes in to announce he’s scaled back all the extra security from Sheila, and Ridge tells him that could be put in an e-mail. R.J. thinks Ridge is just annoyed at being interrupted in his “heartwarming plea” to get him to follow in the family footsteps. Charlie says he knows that euphoric feeling Ridge is talking about when designing. He feels the same way about skinny dipping.

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Ridge ignores him, turns around and urges R.J. to make a statement. Then he and Charlie stand by and watch. “It’s an honor to be here to protect you from any interruptions,” Charlie announces, then realizes he’s the interruption and rushes out — just as R.J. finishes. He then shows his dad… a pretty darn good caricature of Ridge!

Elsewhere in Forrester, Thomas is drawing away while Hope watches. He notices her and wants to know what she’s staring at. She says it’s just his creative energy and she’s happy he’s back with her. “With Hope. For the Future.” He thanks her and says he feels like he’s been reborn. She makes a crack about a phoenix, and he’s inspired for a new design.

Hope’s proud of Thomas and all his growth and it’s reflected in his work. He admits that he wasn’t even sure if the “new and improved Thomas” would be any good. His frustration and anger fueled his designs before. Clearly, he doesn’t need that anymore, and it’s because of Hope. She inspires him with love. She goes on to tell him he’s a better designer now, a better father, a better man… all while looking coyly at him.

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Later, Thomas walks into the office with a brand-new dress “hot out of the sewing room.” They’re both awestruck and Hope offers to try it on to show off show it off. She reflects on Brooke telling her that unlike her mother, she doesn’t like bad boys like Thomas.

Count Boucie says Deacon’s restaurant is missing something. He can turn Il Giardino into the “It” restaurant. Deacon’s intrigued, but he wants to know about the Count’s background. Boucie hedges a bit, but says he’s worked with politicians, a-listers, actors… royalty. Deacon’s suspicious, but then the Count’s grandson, Orville, says he’s hungry and asks if Deacon’s got corn.

The Count goes through the menu and tells Deacon he’ll have changes to make if they make this deal. Orville gets his corn, adorably announces, “I love corn” and Deacon makes a bunch of corn puns as he goes to town.

B&B's Deacon and Count Boucie Jimmie Walker, Sean Kanan

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Deacon pours three glasses of wine for Count Boucie to taste and tell him what region each is from. “It should be easy for a guy with your talent.” The Count sips the first and looks to his grandson who holds up a French fry. He guesses French right! For the second, Orville holds up a slice of pizza. Italian! The third one, he gets a California corn cob. “California like the Beach Boys!” Deacon’s impressed, then leaves to ponder it as the Count and Orville celebrate pulling one over on him.

In the show’s last few moments, Ridge is still impressed by the drawing. He urges R.J. to do something that the world can appreciate. “Dad, that’s exactly what I want to do.” R.J. is proud of Forrester and the work everyone does, but he wants to do his own thing. Ridge isn’t thrilled with being “an influencer.” “Dad, you sound like an old man.” He tells Ridge he didn’t draw the caricature to be funny. He drew what he was asked to: What inspires him. “Dad, that’s you.” They share a touching moment as Ridge promises R.J. won’t disappoint him, hug and exchange “I love you’s”.

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Speaking of love… Hope comes out in the new dress as Thomas starts feeling it up. She gets fidgety and he says he wants to change the hem. He then makes a comment about how remarkable it is. “What is??” The dress, he says, and that they can work together. He feels up the fringe as Hope looks unsettled, thinking back to Brooke’s voice once more. “There’s no denying I want to be with the wrong man…”

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