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At Forrester, Eric and Ridge talk to RJ about his career as an influencer. Eric welcomes his grandson back and hugs him. Charlie enters and RJ asks if he has his new badge. Charlie will have it soon. Ridge says he’ll need it every day. Charlie welcomes him on board, but Eric tells him they’re not quite there yet. Ridge tells his son they have him there, they just have to figure out how to keep him.

In the design office, Hope and Thomas discuss a design and she tells him he sometimes can read her mind. He smiles. As they continue talking about his sketches, they repeatedly realize they’re on the same page. Talk turns to RJ and Hope asks Thomas if he’s seen much of his half-brother since he’s been back.
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At his restaurant, Deacon is congratulated by a world-renowned chef and Il Giardino’s former owner, (played by Chef Daniele Uditi). They enthuse over the pizza and Deacon thanks the chef for putting his faith in him and offering his guidance. He admits, however, that he wouldn’t mind making a little more money.
Deacon Chef Daniele Uditi

Deacon tells the chef money is the reason he’s hiring a new wine sommelier. The chef talks up local produce and then says he has to go. Deacon tells him not to be a stranger. Once alone, Deacon paces and hollers, “Show me the money!” A man appears and asks, “Did someone just say my favorite word? Moneeey.”

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At Forrester, Eric announces he has a video conference. RJ’s impressed to hear about the setup he has down the hall. Eric tells his grandson he’s proud of him, and then exits with Charlie. Ridge tells RJ his knowledge could come in handy around there.
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In the design office, Thomas declares that he hopes to take Hope’s line beyond anything Forrester Creations has ever done. Hope recaps how he turned things around after the slump. She teases him about letting Douglas having hot dogs at the ball game and then changes the subject back to RJ. Thomas admits they haven’t had time to connect. Hope wonders if he’s avoiding him, “I just wonder how you really feel about RJ being back… that’s all.”

At Il Giardino, the man introduces himself as Count Boucie, (played by Good Times’ Jimmie Walker), master sommelier to the stars. He introduces his grandson, Orville, who has come along with him. Deacon guesses he saw his ad for a sommelier. The man confidently declares that he’s the one Deacon is looking for.
Jimmie Walker, Deacon

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In the design office, Thomas thinks RJ has stayed away to avoid family drama. Hope thinks everything is going well now and Thomas doesn’t see any reason it shouldn’t stay that way. Hope understands if his feelings about RJ’s return are complicated. Thomas assures her he doesn’t see his brother as competition — he’s glad he’s back and if he wants to work there, he will make him feel welcome. “I think that your mom and my dad are really glad he’s back.” Hope grins.
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In the main office, RJ tells Ridge he’s glad to see Eric so happy with Donna. Ridge says the Logan women bring that out in the Forrester men. RJ brings up his mom and says it’s great she’s in a happier place now. Ridge says they’re both happy that he’s back. RJ thinks the truce with Taylor plays a part in it too. Ridge would have encouraged it years ago had he known it was a possibility. RJ teases that he played a part in it. Ridge wonders if his son will rub it in. RJ’s just curious as to what’s going on with him and Brooke. Ridge warns him against playing matchmaker. RJ insists he’s not going to do that. Ridge reminds him that Steffy and Thomas tried and it didn’t work out well. RJ notes that Thomas went too far. Ridge says he and Brooke are “just chilling”. RJ raises his eyebrows to the terminology.

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Ridge wants to discuss his son’s future. He’s talented. RJ argues, “I’m using it.” Ridge loves that he’s traveling and living his best life, but he was given a gift… it started with his granddad and was given to him, and to Thomas as well. “I need you to do something for me.” He hands him a pencil and says he’s convinced he could be the greatest designer that Forrester’s ever seen.
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At Il Giardino, Deacon listens as Count Boucie sells himself as a wine sommelier. “Give me a chance and I’ll prove it to ya’!”
Jimmie Walker

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