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Finn arrives home from the hospital, glad Steffy survived her visit with Sheila. Steffy has a smirk on her face as she tells him how great it was to see Sheila squirm. He’s not thrilled that she went to Sheila by herself, though. But Steffy is glad he didn’t give his mom what she wants. “Sheila has no power over us anymore.”

Steffy says Sheila was just sad and helpless, which is good, because she’ll die in prison. “There is nothing and no one that can get Sheila out of there.” She then asks how Finn’s visit with Li was. Steffy thinks it would be great fun for the two women to visit Sheila together for a little added pettiness, but Finn balks, telling his wife that Li was a Sheila victim too.

B&B Finn kissing Steffy at home

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Back at prison, Sheila insists there’s a part of Jack happy to hear from her. He’s as lonely as she is. “I needed to see you because you are one of the top criminal defense attorneys in all of California.” She needs his help and thinks he came because he was “intrigued by my suggestive emails.” Nope! He just wants to tell her in person to leave him the hell alone. He puts his hand on her shoulder and smiles as he says it and Sheila just smirks when he asks if he’s being clear.

“You’re my only hope,” she insists, and tells him that she won’t accept that he doesn’t want to see her. He can talk to her! He chuckles wryly when Sheila says things haven’t been easy on him. Li hasn’t returned his calls since finding out about their affair. Sheila apologizes and Jack flips out. She shot Finn and she’s done so many unspeakable things. Sheila uses the opportunity to insist that “our son” is the best thing they’d ever done.

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She then tells him that he’s got nothing. So maybe he should think about how much they loved each other when Finn was conceived. He’s not having it. “This is it, Sheila. This is your life. You confessed to murder, they’re never going to let you out of here.” Sheila just ignores him and keeps insisting they were in love, plowing forward with her manipulation.

Over at Bill’s, meanwhile, he takes a drink and thinks back on his talk with Katie. Liam and Wyatt come in wondering where she is. “She just left,” Bill practically shrugs. The boys realize things didn’t go as Bill hoped. Bill gets defensive and insists he didn’t strike out. He still thinks he’s going to win Katie over. Wyatt and Liam are kind of amazed at how confident he is, but they’re here for it — though Bill admits she didn’t stay for lunch itself. But hey, they’ve got their memories! And Will!

“What about Carter?” Liam asks… “Because it kind of seems those two are serious.” Bill’s got a battle on his hand, yes, but he’ll win it. Bill agrees with his sons that Carter’s a decent guy, but he’s “not perfect, either.” (Compared to Bill, though…) Bill will prove to her that she’s the only woman for him.

Katie arrives at Forrester to hug Carter. “Look who’s back,” he notes with a smile. She apologizes for the late lunch. “So… how’d it go with Bill?” Carter appreciates Katie being open with him. She’s not surprised that Bill wants her back — and neither is Carter. “He always wants me when he thinks he can’t have me,” she insists. Yes, they have history together — some good, some “not so good” — and yes, his bravery with Sheila was great, but he’s still frustrating.

B&B Katie and Carter on a couch in Forrester

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Katie then tells Carter that she wouldn’t let Bill kiss her because of the two of them. And they talked about him quite a bit. Katie rattles off a list of Carter’s qualities, the best of which is never having fallen for her sister. She wants to be clear about how much he means to her.

In the show’s last few moments, Finn admits to being worried about Li. She’s still so angry at Jack and she hasn’t been able to find an ounce of forgiveness. And when asked how he feels, Finn admits he doesn’t really know. Jack should have told the truth, but he was still an incredible father. They were so close and now… he then goes and explains the whole backstory again in case you missed it. And he caps it off wondering how close Sheila and Jack really were all those years ago.

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“What we shared was more than just one night,” Sheila tells Jack in prison. He was “hungry” for her. But his marriage kept them from more. She desperately wanted him after having Finn, but he wouldn’t leave Li. Sheila recaps the whole adoption/betrayal thing again and he recaps that she’s in prison. They’re both lonely and miserable, so why not get that old magic back? “Not on your life.”

He leaves, insisting he’ll never see her again. “Never.”

Sheila Jack B&B

After he’s gone, Sheila just smiles to herself.

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