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At the jail, Sheila complains to her visitor that she’s been emailing them with no response. She’d almost given up, but he finally came. “Thank you. It really means a lot to me that you’re here.”

At Forrester, Eric tells Carter he did a great job and that he means a lot to the family. Talk turns to RJ’s return and Eric says he’s really going places. Eric notices Carter is “off balance” and he admits Katie went to see Bill, “She’s with him as we speak.” Eric tells Carter he shouldn’t let that bother him, but he argues that Bill has ideas. He doesn’t want to see Katie get hurt again. Eric assures that Katie won’t let Bill deceive her again, especially when there’s a better option at hand. Carter wants to give her all the good things. Eric doesn’t want to see Katie’s fragile heart in Bill’s hands either.

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At Bill’s place, Katie talks up his bravery with Sheila. She’s glad it turned out as well as it did for Will’s sake. Bill’s glad she agreed to come over, “I miss you. The house misses you.” He tells her this is where she belongs; it’s her home. Bill understands that she needed a temporary split, but she must miss him and their home a little bit. They spent some of the greatest times of their lives there. Katie admits she’s rethinking sharing a meal with him. Bill guesses it’s because of Carter and asks exactly what is going on between them. Katie is sure he doesn’t want the details. Bill reminds her that she kissed him. Katie counters that she slapped him as well. Bill will hand it to Carter — he’s a smart man falling for her.
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At the jail, Sheila thanks her visitor for coming. Jack informs her that every instinct tells him he shouldn’t be there, “What do you want, Sheila.” Sheila smiles, “It’s so good to see you, Jack.” Jack turns to go, but Sheila pleads with him to hear her out. She tells him how much she treasured the time with him, especially the night they conceived Finn. “He could’ve let me die, but he didn’t. That’s the kind of man you raised. Our boy, Jack.”
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Jack sidles closer to Sheila and asks, “What are you trying to do here, Sheila?” Sheila thinks maybe they can help one another. Jack won’t be dragged into her madness or help her in any way, and if she thinks he would, she’s even crazier than he thought.
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At Forrester, Carter worries about Katie’s emotional response to the memories of her family with Bill. Eric realizes he’s scared Bill will convince her to give him another chance. Carter says his heroism has changed the way everyone looks at him, including Katie. Eric insists that no matter how much Bill rattles on, Carter needs to have faith that Katie won’t fall for it. Carter wonders how she could, knowing that what he feels for her is second to what he feels for her sister.

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At Bill’s place, Katie brings up him falling for her sister. She tells him that Brooke and Taylor have made a pact to swear off Ridge, so she’s available. “Now’s your chance. You should make your move. You know you want to. Go to her.” Bill says she once had a hold on him, but it had an expiration date, and that time is past. Katie is the only woman he wants and the only woman he needs. A tear rolls down Katie’s face as he caresses her cheek.
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At Forrester, Eric coaches Carter to be more confident where Katie is concerned. Carter says she deserves better than what Bill has to offer. Eric agrees; she deserves the kind of life Carter would give her. “I’m on your side.” Carter thanks him.

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At Bill’s place, Katie says she should go. Bill asks her to humor him by sitting with him on the couch in the room where they spent so many evenings together unwinding and talking about their day. He recalls how he would watch and admire her. “I want to remember what that felt like.” Bill reminds her the majority of the time they spent together was really great. Katie lets him take her hands in his and they sit. Bill recalls the positive, happy times. They flash through their beautiful moments. Katie stands up. Bill says they’ll share them again. “You are the only woman for me. I want our life back. I want the future we should have been sharing together.” Katie tears up as he embraces her.
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At the jail, Sheila tells Jack she thought he loved their son as much as she did. Jack says he does. Sheila gave him a gift. Jack figures she wants something in return. Sheila points out he’s a criminal defense attorney. Jack tells her why she’s there and then says, “I’m not doing this.” Sheila reminds him he came of his own free will. “Don’t you remember how drawn we were to one another. The years have gone by but that connection hasn’t changed.” Jack asks what she’s trying to get at. Sheila recaps that they were both lonely and that’s what led to Finn. She sees that same look in his face now, “You’re lonely again. Just like me.”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila does everything she can to convince Jack to help her, and Steffy fills Finn in on her visit to Sheila.

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