Stephanie comes to see Bill who tells her she can’t save Eric because he doesn’t need her anymore so the game is over. Stephanie thinks he is headed down a dangerous path, but Bill is having too much fun. He tells Stephanie he thinks Eric hired undocumented workers, but Stephanie insists it’s not the truth. Bill is determined to find evidence, but Stephanie tells him he won’t find anything and will be sued for slander if he pursues this. Bill is amused that she is threatening him when Eric is the one illegally hiring employees. Bill assures her he will find the dirt and will own Forrester Creations, it’s just a matter if he sends Eric to jail or not. Stephanie tells him not to get ahead of himself and calls him ‘Junior’ before leaving.

Eric thinks things will improve now that Stephanie has called off the dogs, but Donna doesn’t think he should get complacent because Bill gets what he wants. Eric assures Donna Bill won't get anything of his.

Nick and Jackie argue about Owen when said topic of conversation walks in the office for a meeting. Nick, Owen and Jackie discuss Jackie M business and Jackie gets called away. Nick thinks Jackie will soon see through Owen’s shiny act and tells him he will never be anything but Jackie’s boy toy. Jackie returns as the men argue and tells her son to stop it. She again tells Nick Owen makes her happy and Nick warns Owen to make sure he does his job there. Owen knows where he stands: Jackie is in charge.

Nick leaves and Owen locks the door. Owen says if Jackie wants him to leave then he will, as he clears off Nick’s desk and starts to take off his clothes. He asks if Jackie wants him to leave and she says absolutely not. Owen sits her down on Nick’s desk as he kisses her and they fall back on it.

Jarrett enters Bill’s office who notes Jarrett is a trusted Forrester press contact. Bill asks if there are any transgressions Eric has been involved in regarding his employees. Jarrett says no, but Bill continues to question him and then instructs Jarrett to find proof that Eric hasn’t always been on the up and up.

Stephanie meets with Eric and tells him she won’t continue with the Logan Chronicles, however, they have a problem with Bill Spencer. She explains that Bill believes FC hired undocumented workers. She explains why Bill thinks this and Eric says they've been investigated before, but they are protected. Eric can't believe Stephanie got involved with Bill and they argue. Stephanie admits she was going to buy FC from Bill and Eric gets furious. She explains she was doing it for their kids and again asks if there is anything Bill can dig up on them. Eric says their bases are covered and everything is fine.

Jarrett is uncomfortable digging up dirt on Eric, but he used his resources and found a database on FC employee records. Bill wants him to verify citizenship and Jarrett says they are looking for a needle in a haystack. Bill thinks if they find it, it will be worth it. Bill searches a random current employee’s name and discovers that person died years ago in a car accident. Bill says, “Eric Forrester. You sneaky little devil,” as he realizes Eric gives his illegal employees dead people’s names. Bill says, “I’ve got him! Either he sells me Forrester Creations on my terms or he goes to prison for a long, long time.”

As Stephanie and Eric continue to fight about her blogs and articles, Bill calls and tells Stephanie he was right and Eric better be prepared to deal with him on his terms. He adds, “You are no match for me.”

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