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At home, Bill flashes through his love story with Katie.

At the office, Carter and Katie reflect on having said “those three little words” earlier
even though they didn’t really say it, it was what they were feeling. Carter corrects, “Are feeling.” They kiss and Carter coaxes her to stay there, “You don’t really need to go see Bill, do you?” Brooke walks in and finds them canoodling. She’s sorry to interrupt. Katie says she was just leaving, “I have a date with Bill.” Brooke balks, “Oh…” Katie leaves.

At the jail, Sheila learns her next visitor is another inmate. Mike appears and coos, “Hey, Dollface.” Sheila beams. The discuss staying in the same five-star joint. Mike heard about her heart problems and wanted to check on her. “Look at you, you look like a mil.” Sheila jokes it must be the five-star cuisine they’ve been feeding her. Mike’s glad she hasn’t lost her sense of humor. Sheila never thought she’d be locked up again. Mike marvels at how her savior, Bill Spencer, double-crossed her, “Did he ever!”
Mike Sheila B&B

Katie arrives at Bill’s place and remarks on his floral display. Bill plans for them to eat by the pool and is glad today panned out. He wanted to see her here in the house where they raised their son, “It feels right, Katie. Like you’re finally home.”

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At the jail, Sheila tells Mike how much she hates being locked up like a caged animal, wondering if this is the way she’ll spend the rest of her life. He urges her to take it one day at a time. Sheila spends every waking minute trying to figure out how to get out of there. Mike warns it may not happen. She snarls, “Whose side are you on?” Mike says, “Yours.” He pulled a lot of strings to visit her in hopes that a friendly face might cheer her up. He teases that in there he’s a real catch. Sheila laughs. Mike knows she misses her son. Sheila whispers that she has a plan to see her son again very soon.
Mike Sheila B&B

At Forrester, Carter tells Brooke that Bill’s giving it another shot to get Katie back, “The man never gives up.” Brooke thinks it’s obvious that Katie and Carter’s relationship is progressing, Bill must see that too. Carter figures Bill will spend this date apologizing, promise never to do it again, and offer up jewelry. He apologizes for venting. Brooke says it’s not necessary; she knows how much he cares about Katie. Carter confesses that they basically said “I love you” to each other earlier, perhaps that’s why he’s so riled up.

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At Bill’s place, he and Katie talk about missing Will. Bill intones, “I miss his mom too.” Katie tells Bill she knows what he’s doing. She hasn’t forgotten their family or the wonderful memories they shared. Bill says there are more good times ahead as a family… and as a couple. He leans in to kiss her, but she says, “Bill… I can’t.” Bill asks, “Because of Carter?!”
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At Forrester, Brooke tells Carter he doesn’t have to like that Bill is trying to win Katie back. Carter says they all know Bill loves Brooke. She gawps that he’s part of her past. Carter says, still, Katie doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s second choice.

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At Bill’s, Katie tells him she likes spending time with Carter, “I admire him and respect him.” Bill reminds her Carter comes with a lot of baggage of his own. She sniffs that he regrets what happened with Quinn. Bill has regrets of his own, and says, “If Carter can learn from his mistakes, can’t I do the same? Can you give me that much?” Katie says of course. She cares about him and always will. He asks, “But you care about Carter more?” Katie sighs. Bill asks her to be straight with him, “What exactly is going on between you and Carter?”
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At the jail, Mike asks Sheila why she would expect Finn to come and see her. Sheila says she put in a request to be seen by her attending physician. Mike realizes, “Your son.” Sheila says yes. Finn could have let her die, but he saved her; she thinks that speaks volumes, “Deep down I know he still loves me. He’s going to forgive me and accept me. I can’t sit back and wait for that to happen. I have to make it happen.” Mike reminds her the FBI got her on murder one. Sheila says, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And make no mistake, Mike… I’ve got the will.”
Mike Sheila B&B

Sheila informs Mike she has no intention of spending the rest of her life in that hellhole. Mike’s heard it all before. She wonders if he’s doubting her. Mike shakes his head, “Oh no. No. I learned a long time ago not to do that, but I’ll say it again. The situation is different now; you confessed to killing two people.” Sheila says she only confessed to killing one person, the other was an accident. Besides, she’ll have someone on the outside helping her. Mike gawps, “Who?” He tells her she’s poison and nobody’s going to touch her. It’s time she faced the fact that she’ll be in this place for a long, long time. The guard appears and tells Sheila she has a visitor… the person she emailed. Sheila grins, “He got my email. He’s coming!” She starts blotting her face and primping herself. Mike demands to know who she’s seeing. Sheila calls, “I’m ready.” Mike hollers, “Sheila, wait! I love you!” as she’s led away.

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At Bill’s place, Katie tells him she doesn’t want to talk about her and Carter, “I want to talk about you and me.” She appreciates everything they’ve shared and meant to each other. “I can see that you are the man I always knew you were, that you are at your best. You are the man who put Sheila Carter away for good.”
Bill Katie B&B

At the jail., Sheila is led into the visiting room and is left to wait. She primps some more until the door opens. She says, “Thank you for coming. You won’t be disappointed, I promise you.” We see a man’s shadow on the wall, but his identity is not revealed.
shadow man B&B

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