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At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn since Amelia has the kids they could go back to bed and pick up where they left off. He groans that his mother’s coming over. Steffy has plans too… she has unfinished business with someone.

In the jail, Sheila paces like a caged animal and fumes, “I’ve got to find a way out of here.”

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At Bill’s place, he takes Wyatt and Liam to task for acquiring a streaming channel that no one is watching. Wyatt says that’s why it was so cheap; they’re going to update it a little bit. Liam chimes in and they realize their father hates it. Bill surprises them by saying he loves it. “I’m proud of you guys.” They’re happy to have him back. Bill recaps that he lost precious time during those disgusting months with Sheila, and he wants to get it back… starting with the time he lost with his Katie.

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Katie wakes up in bed beside Carter, who calls her beautiful. They kiss and canoodle. Katie tells him he makes her feel beautiful and that’s not all he makes her feel. They make out.
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At Bill’s, Wyatt and Liam don’t want to be negative but remind their father that he has a history with Katie and Brooke. Wyatt asks, “You really believe you have another shot with Katie?” Bill grins, “Absolutely.”
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At the cliff house, Finn asks Steffy, “You’re going to see Sheila?” Steffy wants to see her caged behind bars like the animal she is. Finn doesn’t like the idea, but Steffy assures him he has nothing to worry about, “I’ll be fine.” She kisses him and goes.

At the jail, Sheila is told she has a visitor coming. She asks, “Who?” The guard tells her she’ll just have to wait and see.

At Carter’s, after sex, he says he has to go to work and reminds Katie she has a date with Bill. Katie groans, “It’s not a date.” She hopes they’ll just talk about Will. Carter isn’t bothered by it but doesn’t trust Bill. Katie wonders why they’re talking about her ex. They start making out again.

At Bill’s, his sons remind him he’s been through a lot with Katie, and not all of it good. Liam notes not everyone falls for their wife’s sister. Bill just needs time and access. He’ll get another chance with Katie, and he won’t blow it this time. Liam asks, “What about Carter?” Bill says he’ll move on. The boys debate about their father’s ability to pull off the impossible… which he just did by sending Sheila back to jail.
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At the jail, Steffy walks in and tells Sheila it’s nice to see her in her natural habitat, “It suits you.”
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At Bill’s, he tells his sons that the first thing he’ll do when Katie comes back to him is whisk her off on the Stella Maris, perhaps for a month… or two. Liam worries it might be hard for her to get away if it coincides with the Hope For the Future launch. Bill tells him to slow his practicality roll and let him do his visualization. Wyatt and Liam snort and chuckle. Bill continues on to say that after the trip they’ll do some house-hunting. Liam warns he may be moving to fast and it’s possible he’s underestimating Katie’s connection with Carter.
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In Carter’s bed, Katie exclaims, “Wow!” as they wrap up another round of lovemaking. They engage in some pillow talk and kiss. Katie wants to ask an inappropriate question, “What was it like with Quinn?”

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At the cliff house, Li and Finn discuss his shifts over coffee. She assumes Steffy’s at Forrester right now. Finn says she went to confront Sheila about everything she put them through… Li included.
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At the jail, Sheila wonders if Steffy’s there to berate her and suggests she show her some compassion for her being set up by Bill Spencer. What if she found out Finn never really loved her. Steffy points out there would be no reason to scam her since she’s not a psychopathic killer. Also, hell will freeze over before she shows an ounce of sympathy for her. “You’re getting everything you deserve.”
Sheila Steffy B&B

At Bill’s place, Liam tells his dad that regardless of how it turns out with Katie, it’s really nice to have him back. Wyatt snarks, “Yeah. Vision boards and all.” Bill will fight for the woman he loves, and he’ll win. “Katie will come back to me.”

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In Carter’s bed, he balks at telling Katie what it was like with Quinn. She seriously wants to know if it was just sex. Carter says it was a bad time for both of them and they felt very unseen except when they were together. It just ignited. There was a powerful attraction and then they had incredible sex… but in the end that’s all it was because she left. He tells Katie, “This is real. We just made love, which is so much better.” Katie tells him, “You’re right, that was love. It is the best.” They kiss.

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At the cliff house, Finn recaps that Sheila has messed with Li’s life for longer than they ever knew. He imagines it’s still painful knowing that his dad had an affair with her. Li sometimes wishes she’d never found out. “My marriage didn’t survive Sheila, but you did, Steffy did, I did.” She’s just grateful they, and her precious grandchildren, are safe from her now.
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At the jail, Sheila asks Steffy how she can be so cold. “You shut me out at every turn.” Steffy replies, “And I always will. Count on that.” She tells Sheila she has no one to blame but herself. Her crimes finally caught up with her and now she’ll stay there for the rest of her life. To their family she doesn’t exist. “Hayes will never know you.” Sheila insists she’s his grandmother and that deep down Finn loves her. “He saved my life, what more proof do you need?” Steffy says he save her because that’s what he does. “I’ll remind him of what a monster you are, and then I’m going to wipe you from his mind. We will never talk about you or think about you again. You will be completely erased.”

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Steffy stands up and calls, “Guard!” Sheila lunges and fumes that she won’t be locked up in that place forever, “You haven’t seen the last of me, Steffy.”
Sheila Steffy B&B

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke attempts to ease Carter’s fears about Dollar Bill, and Sheila receives a surprise visitor in prison.

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