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At Forrester, Hope says it’s a great surprise to have RJ home. He really did miss everyone. Brooke coos that he’s the baby of the family and she always knew he’d come home. Ridge calls for another group hug. Hope guesses Ridge is already trying to recruit her half-brother to work there. Ridge teases that they could probably find him a nice table next to Donna and Pam.

In the design office, Taylor and Thomas discuss RJ’s return. Taylor figures Brooke and Ridge must be so excited. Thomas asks, “How do you feel about it, Mom?” Taylor insists she’s happy. Thomas points out that RJ being back could change the dynamics. Taylor says, “Maybe. I don’t know. How do you feel?”

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At the cliff house, Finn kisses Steffy and gushes that he must have won the lottery to wake up every morning to his beautiful wife… snoring her head off. She cuffs him playfully as they make out more and he says he loves everything about her.
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Steffy and Finn continue to tease each other about their snoring and are kissing again when Liam knocks and comes in. He knows he’s interrupting and he’s sorry. Steffy hands over Kelly’s homework. Liam asks if she has a second. Steffy says sure and asks him what’s going on.

Steffy, Finn, and Liam discuss Thomas and Hope working together again. Finn wasn’t keen to forgive him, but he sucked it up for the good of the family. He takes off for work and leaves Liam and Steffy to talk. Liam tells Steffy he trusts her when she says Thomas is making strides. “What’s the degree, though?” Is it enough of a change that he doesn’t have to worry about him working with his wife all day and all night?

In the design office, Taylor insists she’s happy that Brooke and Ridge have their son back home. It’s a terrible feeling to be apart. She tells Thomas it will be nice to see his half-brother. Thomas looks forward to catching up with RJ. Taylor says it’s important for him and Steffy to spend time with him. Thomas notices she’s still dodging his question. Taylor realizes he wants to know if RJ’s presence will get Brooke and Ridge back together. She sighs, “I would say… probably so.”

In the main office, Ridge sweetens the pot by offering RJ a prime parking spot. RJ is proud of the place, but he wants to do his own thing and establish his own identity. He’s building his brand and has a lot of followers. Hope confirms this, and Brooke tells Ridge to stop. “Don’t drive our son away before he’s even spent one night here,” she laughs.
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At Steffy’s place, she tells Liam that if she had doubts about Thomas she wouldn’t have rehired him at Forrester. Liam asks if she feels it in her bones. Steffy truly believes he’s a different person. She feels his calmness and determination. He’s not hung up on Hope anymore and is focused on being a designer. It’s a wonderful time for their family.

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In the design office, Taylor tells Thomas she’s indifferent about the idea of Brooke and Ridge getting back together. They’re going to want to spend time together with their family. She’d even be willing to have a big dinner with both families. “We can put the fun in dysfunctional.” Thomas worries it could still cause her a lot of pain. Taylor trusts her friendship with Brooke and all she cares about is honesty and transparency from her with it comes to Ridge. That’s their pact — friendship first.

In the main office, Ridge reminds RJ they have a gym at Forrester and he can take pictures of himself in the mirror. RJ chuckles that it’s not really his thing. Hope doesn’t think they should be pushing so hard to get him to work there. Ridge is looking out for the company because he knows how talented RJ is… he could help them. RJ says that’s high praise but he wants to do his own thing. Ridge hopes his “own thing” will bring him back to that office, working with him.
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In the design office, Taylor wants to talk about how Thomas feels about Ridge Jr being home. Thomas doesn’t know, “Good, I guess?” He’s much older and they don’t hang out all that much. With everything that’s gone down recently… he’s sure they’ll get together and bury the hatchet. Taylor wants to do it now and ushers him out the door.

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At Steffy’s place, she tells Liam not to feel bad about having reservations. Liam crabs about Hope spending day and night working with Thomas. He wants her to succeed but… “I don’t want to talk this to death.” He’s started thinking that maybe it’s not just Thomas, “Maybe there’s something with Hope that keeps bringing her back to him.”

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In the main office, Ridge goes on about the gift RJ has with his and Eric’s designing skills and his mother’s brains. Hope talks up the perks of working there. RJ is determined to pave his own way. Taylor and Thomas walk in and hugs RJ, who holds out his hand to Thomas. He compliments him on his world-class designs. He thinks he gets it from their father. Ridge marvels over his two boys being grown up. He helped raise them both with “these” two amazing woman. “I love you guys.” He hugs RJ, “Glad you’re home.”
Thomas Ridge RJ B&B

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