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In the office at Forrester, RJ takes a selfie with his parents. He teases Brooke that the look on her face when she saw him was priceless. Ridge chuckles over him sneaking into the building. Brooke tells her son she can play a trick on her anytime, as long as it means he’s home.

In the design office, Taylor tells Thomas that she stopped by to see how things are going with Hope. Thomas says, “They’re great?” She asks, “No urges or desires?” Thomas finds the line of questioning weird but reassures her. He wants to prove to everybody that they can trust him. Taylor trusts him and wouldn’t have backed him if she didn’t. They hug as she tells him how proud she and Ridge are of him.

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Thomas appreciates his mother looking out for him. She just worries it might be challenging working with Hope; he’s loved her for a long time. Thomas cares about Hope but he’s not pursuing her in any way. He respects her marriage and will never do anything to undermine it. Thomas tells him again that she’s proud and hugs him again. Hope walks in to go over some designs with Thomas. They all smile at each other.
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In the main office, RJ shows Ridge and Brooke their photo online, which already has thousands of likes. Ridge marvels, “And you get paid for this?” RJ confirms he does. The kid hands over some chocolates from Switzerland that he brought his mom and asks about his brothers and sisters. Brooke updates him on Bridget and Rick, and says Hope is doing fabulous with her line. RJ has heard it’s fire. He asks Ridge about Steffy. Ridge says she’s got a beautiful family, is running the company with him, and it’s all effortless with her. RJ’s glad she put the stuff with Sheila behind her. Ridge notes, “You didn’t ask about Thomas. You didn’t ask about your brother.” RJ shrugs, “Yeah, how is my big brother.” Ridge says he’s doing really well and wonders if RJ has spoken to him. RJ replies, “Not in a while.” Ridge asks if things are okay between them.

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In the design office, Hope and Thomas work on a design. Taylor marvels that she’s never seen them so creatively in sync. She’s sorry Liam isn’t okay with this. Hope hopes he’ll get used to it because she and Thomas are co-workers. Thomas recaps that he’s done some terrible things in the past. Hope’s expression changes as he goes on about winning Liam over moving forward. Thomas asks if she’s okay and she changes the subject to their mother’s being besties now. Taylor says she and Brooke will always care about Ridge but it’s nice to be done with the drama. Thomas thinks Ridge respects the friendship and wants the families to be okay.

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In the main office, RJ complains that what Thomas did to Brooke was messed up. He was hurt when they separated but doesn’t want to get caught up in the drama. He’s proud to be both a Logan and a Forrester. Brooke says he’s really grown up. Ridge tells him they’re both proud of him. RJ reiterates that he doesn’t want to get caught up in family drama… it’s one of the reasons he’s stayed away so long. He appreciates the unity of late and remarks on Ridge and Bill teaming up. Brooke chides her son, “I’m not going to let you leave. I’m not!”
Brooke RJ B&B

In the design office, Hope and Thomas discuss the line as they show it to Taylor. She loves everything and tells them they’re a good team. “I bet the bond has strengthened even more from parenting Douglas together.” Hope and Thomas smile at each other. Charlie busts in with news and tells the story of security calling him to say Ridge Forrester was trying to get in the building while Ridge Forrester was already in the office. He explains they were both Ridge’s. Hope erupts, “Are you talking about RJ?” She squeals to Thomas, “Our baby brother is home!”

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In the main office, RJ tells his parents that he’s not just passing through. Brooke is thrilled. Ridge wonders if he’s staying for a while, whether he’d like to work in the office. He and Eric would love to have him. RJ has his own thing going on. Being an influencer allows him to travel the world. Ridge argues and Brooke tells him not to pressure their son. RJ thinks it’s busy enough here. Ridge insists they have room for him. RJ is building his own brand. Ridge is “hip” to all of that, but if he designs some stuff there, he could get more followers. Brooke implores Ridge to stop, “He just got here.” She hugs RJ as she tells him how much she missed him.
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In the design office, Charlie tells Hope that RJ is in the office with the Grand Fromage and Brooke. He says the kid is a chip off the old block and asks them to let Ridge know he said that. Once Charlie’s gone, Hope announces she’s going to see RJ. Thomas tells her to go ahead. Taylor asks him why he didn’t go with her. “Have you talked to RJ at all?” Thomas says being at odds with his mom makes for awkward conversation. Taylor thinks it would be good for them to reconnect. Thomas asks, “Do you have to do the psych think all the time?” He turns the tables on her, “How do you feel about the only child dad and Brooke had together being back?”

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In the main office, Ridge doesn’t want RJ to forget he has designer blood running through his veins. Hope bursts in and hugs her brother. She can’t believe he didn’t tell her he was coming home. He wanted to surprise his parents. He compliments her on her success with Hope For the Future and reveals that he’ll be hanging around for a while. Hope tells him how missed he was and adds, “Right, mom?!” Brooke confirms it. Hope tells her brother it’s good to have him home and they all share a group hug.
Hope Ridge Brooke RJ B&B

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Jr receives a lucrative offer from his father, Steffy defends her decision about Thomas to Liam.

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