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At Forrester Creations, Steffy marvels at her fabulous birthday cake as Ridge says, “Make a wish!” She blows out the candles and tells her dad how sweet this was; maybe she can take it home. Ridge tells her she has to see the card before she goes. He presses a button on the laptop and a slide presentation begins on the wall of Steffy’s life from the time she was a child. Steffy takes her dad’s hand and thanks him… but she has to go. Ridge wants to spend some time together. Steffy reminds him that he knew she had plans tonight. They embrace and she warns him not to eat all the cake before leaving. Once alone, Ridge whispers, “Happy birthday.”
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Taylor joins Ridge and asks, “How did it go?” Ridge says it was great and now Steffy has gone home. Taylor loves that their daughter has Finn. It’s the complete opposite of what she had with Liam, who was a fool to let her go. Ridge grumps that if she’s going to spend her birthday with anyone but him, it should be Finn.

At home, Steffy is reading a homemade card from one of the kids when a knock comes at the door.
Steffy B&B

It’s Liam. He knows she has plans tonight so he won’t stay long, but he wanted to stop by and wish her a happy birthday. He’s been thinking about her all day, taking a walk down memory lane, and remembering all of the stuff they’ve been through. “We were really fortunate, weren’t we?” Steffy smiles and teases, “Cha, cha, cha.”
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At Forrester, Taylor and Ridge marvel that Steffy has lived two different lives with two different men. Ridge asks how her breakfast was and she says it was wonderful and fun… it was wonderfun. Talk turns to the time she spent away, and Ridge reassures her. Taylor goes back to Steffy running a fashion house while raising two kids. Ridge says she’s ambitious like her mother. He thinks she should take some credit for the person she’s become. Taylor feels Steffy deserves all the joy this life has to offer. “She found it with Finn.” She’s sure she’s in his arms right now where she belongs.
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At home, Steffy and Liam relive old memories and he chuckles that there’s nobody quite like Steffy Forrester. He means that as a compliment. Liam notes that for a huge chunk of their lives, they were everything to each other. At the time, he kind of thought it would last forever. Steffy muses, “Yeah, me too. But we have the memories.” They flash through their love story. Liam tells Steffy their love has changed but it’s never going away. “Happy birthday, I love you.” They embrace and Steffy tears up.
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At Forrester, Ridge recalls how brave Steffy was when she started kindergarten and Taylor remembers she was running before she could walk. They flash through the life of their beautiful, independent daughter. Taylor muses, “Our wild child.” She’s glad she found happiness with Finn.

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At the cliff house, Steffy emerges from the bedroom in a sexy dress to find Finn has candles lit and wine poured. It’s his turn to wish her a happy birthday. They kiss. Steffy teases, “You did not have to do all of this.” Finn jokes that she wanted a quiet evening at home, and he’s learned to take orders. They go over how they’ve made it through some insane challenges that would break some people. He’s grateful she came into his life and changed it the way she did. He gushes about having a brilliant, beautiful wife who keeps him on his toes and a wonderful family. Finn can’t imagine his life any other way, “I love you.” Steffy coos, “I love you,” and they kiss.
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Later, on the sofa, Steffy tells Finn this birthday means more to her just because he’s there. He saved her and gave her a second chance at life and love. She’s looking at her gift. “You, you’re here, you’re home.” Steffy is so happy he’s there… after everything. They flash through her believing he was dead, Sheila holding him captive, and their reunion in Monaco. Steffy recalls they heard the bells when she saw him. “I couldn’t be more grateful for that moment.” Finn gives her a birthday gift and urges her to open it. It’s a tiny gadget and when she pushes the button she hears the bells from the church in Monte Carlo. Steffy thanks him effusively.
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Finn pulls Steffy up in front of the fireplace where they make out and he wishes her a happy birthday. Outside, fireworks go off and a “9000” lights up in the sky in honor of Bold & Beautiful’s 9000th episode.
Steffy Finn B&B

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