Hope tormented B&B
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At Forrester, Steffy and Liam discuss Kelly’s upcoming birthday parties and scheduling. Liam takes Steffy up on her offer to help on his weekend because Hope’s been working so much, he’ll probably have all three kids. He snarks about Thomas and Steffy remarks on his tone. Liam asks her to be straight with him about her brother, “Is he okay?”

In the boardroom, Thomas, Zende, Paris, and Hope get word from Charlotte that the numbers for the upcoming line are promising. Zende comments that Thomas gets Hope and her line better than anyone. They go over some other business matters, including the new charities Paris has attached to the line. Hope is thrilled. She’s inspired by the new direction they’re going in — it means a lot that they have her back. Thomas says they’re the ones who are thrilled. They’re all so thankful to be working on the line.

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In the design office, Liam’s not trying to put Steffy on the spot. He respects her and knows she wouldn’t have put Thomas back on the line if she had concerns. Steffy says they’re a great team. Liam wonders if he can be professional with Hope, however, or if he’ll start going down the same path where he becomes obsessed with his wife?
Liam Steffy B&B

Liam says he walked in on something the other day and Steffy rolls her eyes, “The infamous fall off the riser?” Liam asks, “You heard about that?” Steffy replies, “You mean your overreaction?!” Liam defends himself, “You should have seen it.” Steffy gets it. Liam insists it looked bad. Steffy understands why he’d be concerned given Thomas’s history, but she believes her brother has made some significant changes or she wouldn’t have asked Hope to work with him. Liam questions her and she insists she wouldn’t put Hope or their marriage at risk.
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In the boardroom, Charlotte tells Hope she’s seen the changes in Thomas and he’s a really good guy. Hope agrees. Zende heads out and Paris follows as she has phone calls to make. Charlotte tells Thomas it’s so great having him back and asks him to let her know if he wants to look over projections together. Thomas says, “Sounds good,” and Charlotte exits. Thomas is glad he and Hope are alone and lets her know that it means a lot coming from her that he’s doing a good job. He respects her so much, including her marriage.

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In the design office, Liam wants to be as confident as Steffy is that Thomas is fine around Hope. Steffy understands his hesitation. They go over Thomas recently being kicked out of the company. If Steffy thought he was the same man she wouldn’t expose Hope to that trauma or put his marriage in harm’s way. Liam is happy she’s confident about her brother, but things can go wrong. He wants to trust his wife’s instincts. Steffy knows he’s kind and supportive and assures him Hope knows that too.
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In the main office, Hope and Thomas feel they’re finally at a place of mutual respect and understanding. It’s a relief to have moved on from the past. Thomas feels normal and he’s proud of that progress. Hope says it’s been a long road. Thomas lets her know his feelings for her are so much more mature now. He realizes that it’s Liam, not him, that can make her happy. He regrets the things he did and he’s thankful for her being willing to give him another chance. “It’s a testament to the kind of person you really are.” Hope says he’s welcome. She believes there is the right woman for him out there. “I think even, hey, you might be ready for a relationship. You’ve got a lot of love to give, Thomas.” Hope thinks she may even be right there at Forrester She picks up a vibe sometimes between him and Paris. Thomas says she’s just a friend. Hope suggests a model, but Thomas isn’t sure she’s the woman for him. “It’s not good timing right now.” Hope doesn’t think a date or two would derail the line or his progress. Thomas is excited to find the woman for him but right now he’s focused on work. “I’m glad I’m doing it with you. I don’t think I could do the caliber of work I’m doing with anyone else.” Talk turns back to his “rough patches”. Thomas is glad his crazy thought days are over. Hope flashes to fantasizing about Thomas while having sex with Liam. She notes that just because you have crazy thoughts, doesn’t mean you have to act on them. Thomas says, “Had.”

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In the design office, Liam thanks Steffy for the good talk. She assures him he can talk to her anytime; his happiness is important to her. Liam wishes he had her confident there was nothing to worry about. Steffy gets it but reassures him he has nothing to worry about when it comes to Thomas and Hope.
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Alone in the main office, Hope smiles as she flashes to working closely with Thomas. She then recalls seeing Thomas’s face while kissing Liam and clears her throat. Walking to sit behind the desk, Hope thinks, “Just because you have a crazy thought, doesn’t mean you have to act on it.” She recalls fantasizing about Thomas during sex and whispers, “That can never happen. Never.”
Hope tormented B&B

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke is flattered when she is asked on a date, and Liam confronts Thomas about Hope.

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