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In Forrester’s office, Brooke can see Hope is struggling with something. “Tell me, do you have feelings for Thomas?!”

In the design office, Ridge accepts Taylor’s invitation to a family dinner. Thomas walks in and Taylor makes a crack about his father having a hard time committing. Ridge says he accepted the invite and jokes that Taylor is in a committed relationship of her own. Taylor remarks on her and Brooke making an oath: friendship first. Thomas thinks that’s great but worries she’ll start calling Brooke “Logan”. Taylor giggles that she calls her “Doc”. Ridge cracks about being tossed to the side, “Ain’t that the end all, be all.” Thomas thinks it’s like hell has frozen over. Taylor says it frees her up to smother her grandkids and kids with love, “I’m going to be a grandsmother!” She’s sure Brooke will do the same thing with Hope.

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In the main office, Hope gets a message and Brooke asks, “Is that Thomas?” Hope barks, “Seriously?!?” Brooke thinks the things she was saying to her the other night were more about herself than Brooke. “You admitted to me that you find Thomas attractive. I’m your mother, there is nothing you can’t say to me. So, are there feelings on your part for Thomas?”
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In the design office, Ridge and Thomas tease Taylor about wanting to smother her kids. Taylor says she has some time to make up for after being away in Africa. They remind her she was doing incredible work. Thomas says they respect her so much and Ridge tells her she’s easy on the eyes too. Taylor hugs her son and wipes away a tear. Thomas adds that they never doubted her love for them. “I need you to remember that we always have and will love and appreciate you.” Ridge says he feels the same way. He will always respect and admire her every minute of every day.

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In the main office, Brooke coaxes Hope to trust her. If anyone understands being drawn to the bad boy, it’s her. Hope wonders why she did it over and over again. “If you knew you were playing with fire…” Brooke has been asking herself that for years. Maybe she just needed more excitement in her life, or she was self-sabotaging. Brooke reminds Hope that Liam is everything she’s always wanted. She fishes again about her possible feelings for Thomas. Hope snaps, “I didn’t say that.” Brooke just wants her to know she’s there for her. Hope knows she always has her best interests at heart, “Believe me when I tell you that I do not have feelings for Thomas, at least not in the way you’re implying.” She states that he’s an important part of her son’s life. Brooke asks, “And yours?”
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In the design office, Thomas and Ridge continue complimenting a teary Taylor. They joke about her new closeness with Brooke and Taylor says she has a new appreciation for Brooke, even that she was there for Thomas and his sister when she was gone. Thomas says they were never offended when she was gone but they’re glad to have her back. Ridge backs him up. Taylor teases about Ridge being her best friend and he’s glad she’s here where she belongs.
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In the main office, Brooke is just concerned about Hope, Liam, and their precious little family. She can understand why she wants to work with Thomas, it’s just that thinking of them working together all day and sometimes into the night is putting a bit of a strain on Liam. Hope insists they’re working on things — they had a wonderful night together the other night. Brooke says, “Yeah, until you came up to my place and gave me a piece of your mind.” Hope tells her she has nothing to worry about. She and Thomas share the same passion for her line; their relationship is about work. “That is all.”
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In the design office, Taylor thanks Thomas and Ridge for the praise but she wants to focus on her son. She and Ridge are very proud of him and see the changes. Thomas says their support and love mean the world to him. Being exiled from the family was excruciating. Now he gets to be back with his son, his parents, and doing what he loves again. He shows off his latest sketch and Ridge declares he’s brimming with talent. Thomas recaps what a great team he and Hope make as co-workers and co-parents and is glad their relationship is in a better place.

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In the main office, Hope apologizes for the hurtful things she said to Brooke the other night. Brooke appreciates that although she’s owned the mistakes she’s made with men. She tells Hope how proud she is that she’s not in the tabloids and doesn’t sabotage her marriage by going after her deepest desires. Hope loves Liam and loves her family. She won’t let anyone derail that. “I won’t allow it.” Brooke’s glad to hear it. They hug.
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