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At the cliff house, Ridge apologizes to a stunned Steffy and Finn for not telling them sooner he was working with the FBI. They had to convince Sheila… and it worked.

At Bill’s place, he explains the plan against Sheila to Wyatt, Liam, and Hope. He never bought that she died in a bear mauling, so he came up with a scheme to eliminate her from their lives once and for all.

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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor and Brooke marvel over Bill and Ridge working together to bring Sheila down. Taylor updates Brooke that Sheila really did have a heart attack. Steffy told her that she survived. Brooke feels there are things they need to discuss. “Ridge is back.” They compare notes on not knowing he was in L.A. They laugh over the unexpected pairing of Bill and Ridge being even more unexpected than them. Brooke says they need to talk about what Ridge’s return means for them moving forward.
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At Bill’s place, Liam hates his dad for putting them through this but is so happy he didn’t lose his mind and fall in love with Sheila. Wyatt points out she was already arrested, but Bill explains they needed to get her on murder one.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn learn that Ridge and Bill were bent on getting Sheila on murder one and she confessed. Steffy is overcome to hear that Bill made a deal with the D.A. to have Taylor exonerated in his shooting and they never have to look over their shoulder for Sheila again. Ridge nods, “You’re safe.”
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At Bill’s house, Liam and Hope marvel that he managed to get Sheila’s confession on tape. Bill intones, “She had to be stopped.” Wyatt goes over how his father had to make her believe she was the only one who understood her. Bill confirms if she didn’t by his charade she’d have run or, worse, stabbed him in the back while he was sleeping. Wyatt asks if they had romantic nights and cuddling sessions, Liam feels physically ill. Bill says he had to go as far as they can imagine and even further than that. They all grimace. Wyatt realizes his dad took one for the team. Bill says, “I gave it my all.” Wyatt needs a drink.
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At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy now understand why there was a police officer outside Sheila’s hospital room and why Bill wasn’t there. Ridge hopes they understand that Bill was never genuinely into Sheila. He declares they can now move on with their lives.
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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor and Brooke cringe at Bill doing the “dirty work” of having to sleep with Sheila. Brooke recalls it was like he was under a spell but it was actually the other way around. Taylor wonders how it affected him mentally and exclaims that she’d love to get him on her couch. She decides he and Ridge are superheroes and should be thrown a party. Brooke agrees that would be good. She reflects that Ridge went away to figure his life out so he may have some things to say to them. Taylor wants to keep that separate from whatever they’ve built. She doesn’t want to lose their friendship which has become very important to her.

At the cliff house, Ridge asks Finn if Sheila’s heart attack was real. Finn says yes, she nearly died. Steffy chimes in that Finn saved her. Ridge exclaims, “You saved her? Really?” Steffy says Li didn’t want him to. Finn recaps that his adoptive mother asked him to let her die. Ridge knows she thought about it. Finn ultimately couldn’t do it. Ridge understands that’s the kind of man he is. Steffy says that’s the man she loves… and she loves her dad. She thanks Ridge for sacrificing everything to keep them safe. They embrace.

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At Bill’s house, he gets a call from Baker and relays that Sheila actually had a heart attack. He says it couldn’t have happened to a better person and quips, “Who knew she had a heart?” Hope makes a speech thanking Bill for keeping them all safe.

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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor says their was “Bridge” and “Tridge” but now there’s “Braylor” and that is the endgame. Brooke giggles. “Girl power for sure.” Taylor crows, “Woman power!” They agree to stick to their pact. Now that Ridge is back they’ll have to be protective of their relationship. Brooke can’t imagine going forward with her life without Taylor in it. Taylor agrees. They cringe over their past fighting over a stupid man. Taylor says they have resolved issues with him, but the two of them are good. They pinky swear, “Friends forever,” and are laughing when Ridge walks in and asks, “What’s going on here.”
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At Bill’s place, Hope’s afraid to believe they can let their guard down but Bill assures her that Sheila’s reign of terror is over. Liam is proud of his dad and humbled by the sacrifice he made to keep them safe. Bill missed this the most — seeing the look of love and admiration in his sons’ eyes. “I can finally say after way too long, ‘It’s good to be home’.” Wyatt and Liam embrace their emotional father and they pull Hope in too.
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At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn that she knew something was off with Bill but she never imagined he was plotting to send Sheila to prison. “I can breathe again.” She asks Finn, “What’s wrong with you?” Finn frets, “Sheila could have been totally out of our lives if I’d listened to my mother.” Steffy states that’s not who he is — he’s a healer — he did the right thing and she’s so lucky to be married to him. They kiss.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke discuss Finn bringing Sheila back from the brink. Taylor says he’s a good man and they’re lucky to have him as a son-in-law. The women marvel over Ridge teaming up with Bill and ask how he’s feeling. He’s glad to be out of the bunker and do whatever passes as normal these days. He’ll stay there with his dad for a while. He asks what’s happening with them. Brooke says, “Something happened while you were gone.” Ridge excitedly asks, “No way.” They chide him and Taylor explains they’ve become close friends. “At this stage in our life, we are choosing our friendship over our feelings for you.” Brooke and Taylor declare they’ve become best friends. Ridge sits in amazement.
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