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At the hospital, Li and Finn’s eyes lock as Sheila flatlines and the nurse complains, “Dr. Finnegan, she’s coding.” Finn takes the paddles and Li whispers, “Let her die.”

At the Forrester mansion, the group gathered can’t get over Ridge and Bill working together. Ridge explains that, yes, they hate each other, but they had a common goal — to get rid of Sheila. “And we did it… because of Bill.” No one looks convinced.
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Carter complains that Bill and Sheila are in a relationship: “She’s living with you!” Stephen harps that he allowed her to endanger all of their families and Lucy chimes in, “Sheila should be in jail. Taylor, the Logans, and Eric all put in their two cents. Ridge protests that it was an act. “None of this was what it seemed. We were working with the FBI and with Baker.” Brooke gawps, “What?!?” Bill says there was no other way. Ridge continues on to say that Bill had to convince Sheila that it was real, so he had to convince all of them that it was real. Ridge doesn’t want to say it, but he has to: “This man is a hero!” Eyebrows raise all over the room as Ridge slings his arm around Bill’s shoulder and grins.

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In the hospital, the nurse leaves the room to get another set of paddles and Li angrily reminds Finn of everything Sheila did. The nurse returns and Li mouths, “Let her go.” Finn tells the nurse to charge and barks, “Clear!” as he works to restart Sheila’s heart.

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At the Forrester mansion, Bill says he didn’t feel like a hero. Taylor asks how long this has been going on. Ridge says, “Too long.” He explains that the only way to get Sheila out of their lives was to have her admit to murder one. Taylor argues this doesn’t make sense — Sheila was already in custody. “Steffy and Finn’s testimony would have put her away for good and you interfered with that.” Bill tells Taylor she’s right, but Sheila would only have gotten ten years — maybe more, maybe less. This was about protecting the children. “It was hell making you all doubt me and hate me. But it had to be done.” A tear rolls down Katie’s face as he intones that the kids were all too important to him; he had to protect their futures. “We had to protect their futures,” he says looking at Ridge, “And that’s what we did.”
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At the hospital, when the nurse leaves the room, Li appeals to Finn to think of his wife and daughter. The nurse returns and Finn brings Sheila back to life. Li asks, “Finn, why?!?” Sheila flatlines again and Finn stares at her. Calling, “Clear!” he shocks her back to a normal heart rhythm again and sends the nurse for the cardiac team. Steffy stares and Li glares at him. Sheila awakens and sees that her son saved her and thinks he loves her.
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At the Forrester mansion, Bill apologizes to Taylor for putting her through so much. Ridge says it killed him being in that basement with the FBI, but it was nothing compared to the sacrifice Bill made. The mood lightens as Ridge jokes about the way Bill dresses, but adds he defends his family and the people he loves more fiercely than anyone he knows. Bill remarks on the longest months of his life and Ridge reveals that it worked — Sheila confessed. Those gathered exclaim and hug as Ridge continues on to explain she was finally taken into custody at Il Giardino’s. Stephen shakes Bill’s hand and then apologizes to Ridge for doubting him. Donna and Eric thank Bill and Ridge steps aside with Taylor, who marvels that he has been working with Bill this whole time. Ridge says soul-searching would have been easier. He asks, “You okay?” and tells her that all of it is over. Bill cut a deal to exonerate her of his shooting. Taylor tears up and smiles over at Bill. Ridge hugs her. Brooke joins Bill to tease him about being sneaky, deceitful, and wonderful. “Thank you so much.” She hugs him and he looks over her shoulder at Katie.
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At the hospital, outside Sheila’s room, Li asks, “Why, Finn? Sheila is pure evil.” Finn will never forgive Sheila for what she did and tells Steffy he loves her but he couldn’t do it: “I had to save her.” Steffy cries, “I know, I know. I love you.”
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As they embrace, Li makes her way back into Sheila’s room, where the police officer cuffs her and tells her the situation is secure. Li wills Sheila to open her eyes. She does, and sees Li scowling at her. Li promises she’ll rot in prison and then in hell. Sheila lunges menacingly but is caught up by the handcuffs.
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At Eric’s place, he makes a speech with Bill and Ridge by his side about the gratitude owed to them and calls them heroes.
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Everyone applauds the heroes and hugs and handshakes abound. Taylor and Brooke sidle up to Ridge, who asks, “Why do I feel like I’m going to be in trouble.” He wonders if they’re turned on. They teasingly call him Agent Forrester and make cracks about friendship. Eric calls everyone for a toast and they all file out except Katie and Bill.
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Katie tells Bill that he lied to her every minute and let her believe he was in love with Sheila Carter and was going to expose their son to her. She thought he was lost and asks, “Do you have any idea what that did to me?” Bill tells her he’s sorry and that he loves her. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he couldn’t tell anyone or the plan wasn’t going to work. Bill chokes up and reaches for her hands before grimacing, “It was all an act and it’s over now.” With that, he rips off the sword necklace and tosses it. Katie slaps him… and then pulls him into a passionate kiss. She gasps, “You are so maddening and frustrating but there’s no one like you. The extraordinary lengths you go too… This is why I left you, Bill. But it’s also why I love you.” They both cry and hold each other as he strokes her hair.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy and Finn express their gratitude, and Bill details his experience with Sheila to Wyatt, Liam, and Hope.

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