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At Il Giardino, Bill rolls his eyes as Sheila falls to the ground in the alley. Deacon and Ridge rush out and Bill says she’s faking a heart attack. Ridge hollers, “Get up!” As the cops roll up, Bill tells Deacon and Ridge, “Let’s go celebrate.” They head back inside and Deacon slowly turns to follow.

At the hospital, Steffy teases, “I think I’m having a little pain right here.” She points to her lips. Finn kisses her. Steffy says his lips have some magical properties. They go over how he takes care of those he cares about. She tells him he’s the opposite of Sheila. Finn hopes the day will come when they don’t have to worry about her.
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric greets Stephen and is introduced to Lucy. Brooke and Eric explain that Ridge sent a text wanting everyone to gather together. Taylor arrives and says she got the same text. “Does anybody know what’s going on?” Brooke guesses that he’s back in town. Stephen complains it’s about time; there’s no excuse for abandoning his family when Sheila Carter’s on the loose!

At the bar in Il Giardino, Deacon opens beers while Bill recounts cornering Sheila in the alley. Ridge says phony heart attack or not, she’s finally going down. Ridge and Bill toast and Deacon raises his bottle. Ridge says he asked his father to gather everyone at the house. He wants them to know what Bill did and that the family doesn’t have to deal with Sheila any longer.
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At the Forrester mansion, Stephen keeps grousing about Ridge. Taylor says he’s been out there doing some much-needed soul-searching. Lucy thinks maybe it was necessary to unravel the old patterns she’s heard about. Brooke and Taylor argue that he’s been checking in, but Stephen feels he’s been moping somewhere licking his wounds. Katie and Carter arrive and they all wonder where Ridge is.

At Il Giardino, Ridge wonders what his family will think when they hear he’s been in Los Angeles this whole time, “Working alongside the two of you.” Bill tells Deacon, “We couldn’t have done it without you.” Deacon, looking grim, says, “Yeah.” He then flashes to Bill and Ridge coming to his apartment and telling him they know something’s going on between him and Sheila. In the flashback, Bill tells Deacon he has two choices: keep making pizza or go back to jail. “I would go with cooperating with the authorities and helping us bring Sheila to justice.” Deacon glances at his photo of Hope and asks, “Alright, what do I have to do.”
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At the bar, Ridge tells Deacon, “You came through for us.” He still doesn’t know all the details between him and Sheila. Bill doesn’t want to hear them. Ridge notes that somewhere along the way he fell for her. He can’t understand why, but he did. Bill asks if Deacon has regrets. Deacon shrugs. Bill says, “Whatever. You helped us bring her down so we will keep your little romance between the three of us.” Ridge agrees, “That’s fair.” Deacon appreciates that; he doesn’t want to lose his daughter. Bill feels he should have thought of that before and stuck to massaging the pizza dough instead of that lunatic.
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At the hospital, Sheila is wheeled in as the EMTs holler about a confirmed heart attack. The doctor turns and is shocked. “Sheila!” It’s Li Finnegan.

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At the Forrester mansion, speculation continues about why Ridge wants them all to meet. Katie can’t understand why anyone but Brooke and Taylor are there. Stephen complains some more about Ridge. Brooke urges her father to let Ridge explain. He arrives and Stephen booms, “Well, speak of the devil.” Ridge says hello to everyone and tells Taylor and Brooke he’s missed them both. They ask what’s going on. “Why are you here?” Ridge smiles.
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At Il Giardino, Deacon imagines Bill is pretty eager to get over to Eric’s. Bill says he is but Ridge wanted to set it up first. Deacon feels he deserves a victory lap — he and Ridge put their lives on hold. He notes Bill’s sacrifice in pissing off everyone in his life. Sharpe thinks the town will throw him a ticker tape parade. Bill’s just glad to have protected everyone from Sheila. Deacon muses, “She ain’t getting out of this one.” Bill says, “I despise that bitch. I wish she had a real heart attack.” With that, he walks out.

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At the hospital, a nurse tells Finn that his mother is with a patient who had a heart attack. Apparently, she knows her. Finn asks the patient’s name. The nurse says, “Sheila Carter.” Steffy’s eyes widen and Finn frowns.
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At the Forrester mansion, Taylor and Brooke are still asking what’s going on and why he stayed away so long. Ridge reiterates that he missed them both. Stephen steps forward to recap how Ridge messed up and to complain about him leaving. “The whole time that you were out gallivanting around Sheila Carter was on the loose.” He feels Ridge should have been there watching over them. Ridge agrees and says he thought that was what he was doing. The rest of them wonder how he was doing that when he was hundreds of miles away; it felt like he just checked out and didn’t care. Taylor says Sheila is a danger to all of them because of Bill. Just then, Bill walks in. Eric protests but Ridge explains that he invited him there because there’s something he wants to say to everyone. Katie eyeballs her ex questioningly.
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Eric, Taylor, and Brooke all want Bill to leave. Katie rambles that they can’t understand why he’d put them all at risk for Sheila. They go on and on until Ridge says, “Well, if you’d just give us a moment…” Taylor asks, “Us?” Stephen starts in on Ridge again and Ridge asks if he’s hungry and needs to eat or something. Finally, he declares that they can all take a big sigh of relief because of what Bill has done. Everyone looks at him like he’s insane. Taylor reminds him that Bill is in love with Sheila. Bill steps forward. He understands he has alienated them all because Sheila has wreaked havoc on all of their lives, “But she won’t any longer.” Brooke rolls her eyes, “We have heard this promise before.” Ridge insists that Sheila is out of their lives because of Bill. No one looks convinced.

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At the hospital, Steffy gawps, “Sheila suffered a heart attack?” They rush off to follow the nurse to her room.

In the hospital bed, Sheila lies unconscious. Li flashes back to battling Sheila when Finn was barely alive. Finn comes in with Steffy behind him. Sheila begins to flatline and Finn wonders why Li isn’t doing anything. Li intones, “Let her die. Let Sheila Carter die.” The nurse comes in and is ready to help revive the patient. “Dr. Finnegan?” Finn and Li lock eyes.
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