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At Deacon’s place, Sheila recalls the scene at Bill’s and tells him that bastard was playing her the whole time.

In the car, Bill talks to Ridge on the phone and reminds him they know she’s going to Sharpe’s. Ridge orders Spencer to go to Deacon’s and find her! Bill steps on the gas.

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In the FBI unit, Ridge and Chen warn Bill not to do anything until he makes contact with the LAPD. Bill grits, “This is it, boys. Sheila will run straight to Deacon’s, the place she won’t be able to hide.”

Steffy surprises Finn with a visit at the hospital. They kiss and canoodle in the hallway.
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At Deacon’s place, he demands to know how the feds got involved and asks Sheila, “You came here?!?” She replies, “Where else was I going to go?” Deacon asks if they’re following her. Sheila says yes… that’s why they need to go. She pleads with him to come with her and to help her escape.
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At the hospital, Steffy hopes the rest of Finn’s night is filled with good surprises and no bad ones. They talk about Sheila’s tendency to pop in. Steffy says they can’t act like she’s not a threat. They go over how they can’t understand what Bill’s thinking. Steffy hopes he snaps out of it and puts an end to Sheila.

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On the road, Bill disconnects after Ridge and Chen tell him they’ll meet him at Deacon’s. He mutters to himself that after all he’s done, after all he’s put into this, he can’t wait to see if for himself — Sheila taken into custody.
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At Deacon’s place, he stalls and asks Sheila, “What about my restaurant? And what about my daughter?! I can’t just leave, my future’s in LA.” Sheila insists, “And it can again.” She wants him to come with her. Sheila recaps that he took her in and he loves her. “And I love you. I got caught up with Bill thinking he was my ticket to freedom but I swear that I never felt for him the way I feel for you.” Deacon pulls away. Sheila keeps pleading, “Oh, baby I am never going to find another man like you.” She reminds him, “You’ve never met a woman like me.” Deacon says, “You’ve got that right.” He doesn’t want to lose what they have, and doesn’t want to lose her. “Maybe there’s another way,” he proposes. “What if you just turn yourself in?” Sheila gasps, “What?!?” Deacon has a gut feeling that if she keeps running something really bad is going to happen. Sheila laughs, “You are so sweet and so kind. I need you. I want to be with you, so come with me please.” She stresses that they have to go now. “We’ve got to go this instant.” Deacon balks.
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He begs Sheila to turn herself in and show them she’s remorseful. Sheila throws off his hands and scoffs, “What? I’m going to get a slap on the wrist?” She reminds him she’s facing murder one now on top of everything. “I need to leave. I need to leave now and never come back!” she exclaims. Sheila doesn’t want to do it on her own. They have so much living to do and could do it together. Deacon nods. Sheila thanks him and says, “We have to go.” She opens the door and walks out pulling Deacon behind her.

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At the hospital, Finn tells Steffy his break is almost over. Steffy admires how much he loves his work and how devoted he is to his patients. Finn thinks what she does is a different version of helping others. They talk about the great role models they had growing up. Steffy notes he obviously isn’t talking about Sheila Carter.

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In Il Giardino, Deacon stops Sheila and says he has a really bad feeling about this. He again asks her to turn herself in. She exclaims, “No, never! I am never going back to prison!” She tries to pull her hand out of his but he holds on with an iron grip. Sheila gives him a questioning look. Bill’s voice rings out behind her, “Oh, I think you are.” Sheila turns to see Bill, Ridge, Chief Baker and numerous police officers encroaching. She looks at Deacon, who says, “I’m sorry.” She asks if it was even real. He says, Yeah, but I can’t…” Sheila understands. Ridge tells Deacon, “Nice work,” and Bill adds, “You bought us just enough time.” Baker intones, “I’ve been waiting to say this for years. Sheila Carter, you’re under arrest for murder.”
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Baker recalls that Lance Day’s death was one of his first unsolved cases. Ridge thinks he’s trying to say thanks for confessing. Bill declares that she’s finally going down for Day, maybe Jay Garvin, not to mention her countless attempted murders. Baker says she’ll spend the rest of her days behind bars and tells Deacon, “We’ve got it from here.” Sheila tells Deacon, “It’s okay. I will never forget what you did for me.” Bill and Sheila bicker about who is an animal. Ridge tells her to shut up — she shot her own son and left his daughter to die. Did she really think he’d let that go? Bill tells her she’s going away and no one will remember her or love her. Sheila grits, “My son will love me!” Ridge mocks her. Sheila blames Steffy for not showing her an ounce of kindness. Deacon tells Sheila she’s making it worse. Amid all the shouting, Sheila gets away and runs.

At the hospital, Finn tells Steffy to try not to think about Sheila. He will keep her safe. They embrace.

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At Il Giardino, Sheila stumbles through the storage area and out into the alley, where she stops and flashes back to shooting Finn. She grimaces, doubled over holding her midsection, and turns to find Bill staring her down. Sheila thought he loved her. Bill says, “You thought wrong. It would take one sick, twisted loser to love you.” He taunts her about jail and tells her the ring was as fake as the feelings he pretended to have for her. She pulls it off and says, “You weren’t the only one pretending.” She declares, “It may be the end of us but it is not the end of me.” She slides to the ground at his feet and lays on the ground agonizing.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: a bold act of unexpected deception paves the way for justice, and Finn vows to protect Steffy at all costs.

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