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At Bill’s place, he looks over the balcony at Sheila’s body on the ground below. “Sheila!” he shouts.

In the FBI unit, Ridge and Chen jump up out of their seats as Forrester yells, “What just happened?!?”

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At Il Giardino, Deacon flashes back to Sheila telling him that Bill proposed and wants to marry her and her wondering if it’s too good to be true. Hope appears and asks if he has time to spend with his favorite daughter. They embrace. She asks, “You okay?” She feels like there’s something going on with him. “Are you going to tell me what that is?”
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Hope thinks maybe she could help if something is wrong. He’s been distracted and intense lately. Deacon insists he’s just preoccupied with the restaurant.

At Bill’s place, he looks over the balcony again only to find Sheila is no longer lying on the ground below.
Bill B&B

In a car, Sheila wipes her face as she drives down the freeway.

At Il Giardino, Deacon doesn’t want Hope worrying about him and changes the subject to Douglas moving back home. Hope feels like she missed so much. Deacon urges her not to dwell on the past. It’s like martial arts, “Focus on what’s in front of you.” Hope titters about him being so wise. He asks what made Douglas change his mind. Hope explains he saw her and Thomas getting along and working together. He had picked up on the tension before but now they’re in a good place. Deacon has to ask, “Are you sure that Darth Thomas will keep himself from going to the dark side again and becoming completely obsessed with you like he did more than once before?” Hope assures her father Thomas is in a better place now. He can see she really believes that. Hope needs him to trust her. Deacon will always worry about her. He tells her not to forget she’s a Sharpe. If something happened with her line she could rebuild. Deacon asks her to promise that if there’s any sign of a slip from Thomas she’ll kick his ass to the curb, so he won’t have to. Hope already promised Liam the same thing. Deacon asks how everyone’s favorite vegan feels about this. Hope shrugs that he’s not thrilled. Deacon says they’ll support her and hope this works out. He just hopes it doesn’t cause problems in her marriage. Hope reassures him. Deacon warns her, “Just be careful with that guy.” Hope exclaims, “Dad, you don’t have to be worried about Thomas. Especially not when we have someone like Sheila Carter on the loose.”

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At Bill’s house, he’s in a total panic and calls Ridge. He tells him that he thought Sheila was dead, but he went down to the lawn and she was gone!

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In the car, Sheila flashes to Bill saying he loves her, grimaces, and then recalls the proposal. She grits, “It was just lies. How could I have been so stupid!” As she hears his voice in her head urging her to open up and tell him everything, she screams, “No!” and puts the pedal to the metal.
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At Il Giardino, Hope rattles on to her father about her disbelief over Bill being with Sheila. Deacon mutters that Bill’s full of surprises. She complains that she’s seen her around in Beverly Hills as though she’s entitled to some normal life. Hope worries about her going after Steffy and Finn again. Deacon thinks they have to take the situation with Sheila one step at a time. Hope gripes that there shouldn’t even be a situation with Sheila. She should be behind bars, not living the high life with Dollar Bill and having him protect her. Deacon says life is funny. “It usually works itself out.” Hope asks what he means. He says he doesn’t think they have to worry about Sheila any longer. Hope wonders how he can even say that.

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In the FBI unit, Ridge bellows, “How the hell did this happen?” as Chen gets on the phone to dole out orders. Ridge fumes, “We had her! And now, once again, Sheila is gone!”
Ridge Agent Chen

In his car, Bill thinks back to Sheila’s confession about Jay Garvin falling over the balcony. He grunts, “Fell. Let a jury decide.” He then recalls her confessing to the murder of Lance Day by bees.

In her car, Sheila flashes to finding out Bill had been lying to her. “It was a setup from the beginning…” She thinks about him saying the whole house was bugged and that Ridge and the FBI were watching and listening. Fuming, Sheila vows she will never see the inside of a prison again.

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At Il Giardino, Hope informs her father that as long as Sheila is breathing she’s a threat. Just then, he gets a text from the woman herself asking him to meet at his apartment right away. “Urgent!” Deacon tells Hope he has to cut their conversation short, but he loves her and is proud of her. “I hope I always give you a reason to be proud of me too.” They embrace.

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In Bill’s car, he takes a call from Ridge who says the Feds are canvassing the area. Bill tells him, “We both know where she’s going. She won’t get away. Not this time.”

Deacon lets Sheila into his apartment and asks, “What’s wrong?” Sheila, pacing, says, “Everything. I can’t believe I fell for it. The whole time it’s been a lie.” She went back to Bill’s and accepted his proposal. He wanted her to open up to him. Deacon asks, “Did you tell him something? Is that what this is all about?” Sheila says yes and tells him about the deaths of Jay Garvin and Lance Day. Deacon learns she killed Day on purpose and gawps, “You said that to Spencer?!? You confessed to murder?” Sheila knows it was stupid but they’d just gotten engaged and she wanted to be honest. She next recounts how she caught Bill on the phone that they got her. Deacon asks, “Who’s they?” Sheila says, “Ridge.” Deacon’s eyes pop out of his head, “Forrester?!?” Sheila replies, “Yes, and the feds. This whole thing has been a setup. He’s been playing me this whole time. He had cameras everywhere.” She explains Bill never loved her, he never wanted to be with her. “He hates me, he wants to see me spend the rest of my life in prison.” Lunging toward him, she pleads, “Oh, please, you’ve got to help me. Deacon, I want you to come with me, okay? We can escape, we can be together, just say yes. Say that you’re going to run away with me.” Deacon agonizes. Sheila whispers, “Please. I love you, you know that.”
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