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In Bill’s living room, Sheila asks, “What are you up to, Bill?” He reminds her he asked her to be his wife. Sheila knows that when things seem to good to be true they usually are. “Are you playing me?”

In the FBI unit, Ridge, watching Bill and Sheila on the feed, groans to Agent Chen, “She’s onto him.”

In Forrester’s design office, Brooke looks at a sketch and remarks that it’s shocking that Thomas is designing for Hope’s line again but she’s trying to be supportive. Katie, at the desk, muses that maybe Thomas will surprise them all. Brooke guesses Carter was surprised to hear Thomas was back at the company. Katie says his jaw was on the floor. Brooke teases that usually that only happens when Katie walks through the door. She thinks her sister seems happy. Katie says it’s been nice having Carter by her side through the Bill drama, but she wishes Bill would just eliminate Sheila from his life once and for all.
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In the main office, Steffy and Finn canoodle. His surgery got rescheduled and he wanted to take full advantage. Steffy locks the door and says she was thinking about taking full advantage of him. Finn lunges for her and they start kissing passionately. They make out for a bit as Finn talks about having to steal these moments amid the craziness of Bill and Sheila. Steffy wants to block them out for another few minutes. They resume kissing.

In the design office, Katie and Brooke recap how Bill shut them out. Katie says he’s really secretive about his life with Sheila. It kind of makes her wonder what he’s up to. She wonders how he can turn his back on his kids. “How can he not see how destructive this is?” Brooke observes that he seems to not care anymore. “It’s like he’s given up.” Katie doesn’t see how he could throw it all away for a psycho.
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In Bill’s living room, Sheila holds up the ring and wants to know what this is all about. “It’s unbelievable and unreal… only in my wildest dreams. That’s what makes me wonder what’s really going on here.” Bill thought they trusted each other and asks if he’s moving too fast. He recaps that they’re living together and he’s distanced himself from everyone in his life to make her a priority. Sheila doesn’t like it when people betray her. Bill replies, “And I don’t like it when people betray me.” He understands why she’s so guarded. Sheila wonders if she’s afraid and guarded… or just smart and perceptive. “Tell me, Bill. Am I right? Are you up to no good?”

On the sofa in the main office, a rumpled Steffy and Finn stop kissing and resume talking about Bill and Sheila. Finn asks, “Is he really buying what Sheila’s selling?” Steffy can’t understand him alienating himself from the people he loves and defending that monster. She also wonders where her dad’s been. “Why isn’t he here to help us?”

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In the FBI unit, Ridge urges Bill to turn it around.

At Bill’s place, he gets heated asking Sheila what else she wants from him. He got down on one knee and offered her a marriage with no prenup. He did that because he thought he finally found someone like him. Bill recaps that he’s done the unthinkable, just as she is, but he’s still deserving of love. “I thought I’d finally found that in you.” Bill tells her she has to be willing to accept their love. “Will you accept it? Will you say yes? Let me put this ring on my finger make you my wife and give you the future that you so richly deserve?” Sheila sputters, “Yes! Yes, Bill! I will marry you! I’d love to be your wife!” They embrace.

In the FBI unit, Ridge and Chen are relieved that Bill got it done. Ridge grunts that he couldn’t take another minute of Mr. Romance over there.
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At Forrester, Steffy wonders if her dad moved and didn’t tell them. Finn laughs and assures her he’ll be back soon and karma will take care of Sheila. They canoodle some more.

In the design office, Katie and Brooke declare that Bill is lost to them and Sheila’s presence has changed him. Katie has to pray that the old Bill is in there and will come back. Brooke nods — then they’ll be rid of Sheila for good.

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In the FBI unit, Chen questions if Bill can get Sheila to confess to murder one. Ridge says he’d better — it’s the only way they can put her away forever.

Bill places the ring on Sheila’s finger as they sit on the sofa. He says he couldn’t let her get away and muses that he knows what he wants his future to look like from this day forward. To do this, they have to have complete openness, honesty, and trust. He’s been totally forthcoming but there are secrets from her past that she hasn’t shared with him. “Secrets that keep you from giving all of yourself to me. I need to hear it all, Sheila.” Sheila says she shot Finn and Steffy. Bill knows that and coaxes, “Unburden yourself. You’ve told me you’ve done unimaginable things.” He knows what it feels like to be haunted. Sheila tells him there was a doctor — Jay Garvin — he was a therapist who was treating her. She recalls he threatened her, they had an argument, and there was a scuffle on a balcony. Bill asks if she pushed him over the balcony. Sheila says he grabbed her, she shook free of him, and he fell over the balcony and died. “His death was tragic but I never meant to kill him. He just fell.”
Bill Sheila B&B

In the FBI unit, Ridge gawps, “What? What the hell?!?”

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At Bill’s, he tells Sheila he’s so sorry she had to go through that. “But I know there’s more. Something from your past that you’ve been carrying around all these years. It’s okay. You can tell me.” Sheila remembers that there was Lance Day — he threatened her too. “I found out he was deathly allergic to bees. I tried to talk sense into him. He gave me no choice though. I sent bees into his bedroom when he was sleeping and he was stung over and over and over again. I made sure he couldn’t get out of that room. He pleaded with me for help, gasping for air.” Bill asks, “What did you do?” Sheila replies, “I stood there and I watched him die.” Bill asks, “So, this Lance… you intentionally killed him. It’s okay, you’re safe here, you can tell me.” Sheila nods, “Yes.” (Read what the actor who played Lance has to say about the “fatal” twist here.)
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In the FBI unit, Ridge rejoices, “That’s it!”

At Bill’s, he continues, “So, you murdered Lance Day.” Sheila says yes, “I’m a murderer.” Bill tells her, “That’s so hot. You naughty, naughty girl. Say it again.” Sheila whispers, “I am a murderer.”

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In the FBI unit, Ridge grins from ear to ear.

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