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At Deacon’s place, he eyeballs Sheila’s engagement ring and says it’s a black diamond, “Just like Spencer’s heart. He really does want to marry you.” Sheila can’t believe this is happening.

In his living room, Bill goes on another rant to Ridge on the phone. Ridge watches from the FBI unit and assures the at-the-end-of-his-rope Spencer that it’s almost over.

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In Forrester’s design office, Thomas and Hope recap that she invited him back to work on the line. She’s glad he’s working with her again but that’s not what she came to talk to him about. “I came to talk to you about something else.” Thomas assumes she’s there about the adjustments to the halter. Hope assures him the halter is fine and he read her mind like usual where that’s concerned. She actually wanted to talk about the conversation he and Steffy had about her thinking he’s hot. Thomas insists he knows this is about nothing more than them creating this amazing line together. They’ve always worked well together he muses as they flash back to the successful fashion show. Thomas promises he won’t do anything to make things weird between them again. Hope nods and smiles.
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In the FBI unit, Ridge tells Agent Chen he thinks the guilt Sheila feels over her affair with Deacon will lead her to accept Bill’s marriage proposal. Ridge jokes that maybe Bill’s feelings have become real. Bill, on the phone, grouses about having to listen to cracks from a man wearing a Samurai bun. Ridge warns him, “No hair jokes.” The only fun he has is making fun of him while he’s stuck in there. They elect to get back to work. Bill declares that he’s laser-focused — when Sheila returns he’ll get her to put that rock on her finger and confess to first-degree murder.
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At Deacon’s place, Sheila marvels that Bill is more than she ever thought he could be. Deacon figures there’s a prenup, but Sheila tells him Spencer told her it’s not necessary. “I can’t believe this. I’m going to be free and I’m going to be filthy rich.” Deacon notices a change in her expression and asks, “What’s the matter?” Sheila just has to wonder, “Is this really Bill Spencer?”
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In Forrester’s design office, Hope and Thomas go over the newest designs. She can’t wait to see the line. Thomas shows her a shoe change that Zende made and says they’ve been working well together. He’s glad she’s stoked about the line but asks, “What about Liam? Everything okay with him? I don’t want to put any kind of stress on their marriage.” Hope appreciates that but assures him her marriage is fine.

At Bill’s place, he paces and wonders what the hell is taking Sheila so long. Ridge, still on the phone, recaps that they need to finish this to keep their families safe.

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At Deacon’s, Sheila says it seems so amazing — Bill proposing to her and professing his love with no prenup. Deacon asks if she’s sure this is the real thing. Sheila says it feels like it. Deacon guesses their passionate connection is no match for what Spencer’s offering. Sheila tells Deacon she cares for him. She just hopes Bill hasn’t been compromised somehow. Deacon assures her she’s intoxicating. Sheila says there’s just something missing with Bill — he can be looking right at her and she doesn’t know what he’s thinking. Deacon can’t get over the Prince of Darkness wanting to marry her without a prenup. “That should tell you everything that he’s thinking.”

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In the design office, Hope and Thomas agree repeatedly as they check out a gown on a model. They smile at each other as Hope says, “Yeah, you get it.” She’s so excited about the upcoming line and tells Thomas, “I’m really happy you’re back.” Thomas grins, “Me too.”
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At Deacon’s place, he tells Sheila that he doesn’t like Spencer and probably never will but, “You can’t argue the size of that rock. If the guy makes you happy, then that’s where you should be.” He urges Sheila not to overthink this. Just then, Sheila takes a call from Bill and lets him know she’s speechless over the proposal. Bill tells her, “Just get home so we can plan our future together.” She gushes, “I’ll be home soon, I promise.” Bill grits, “I love you.” Sheila replies, “I love you too.”
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After Bill disconnects, he takes a call from Ridge urging him to cool it with the I love yous. Bill thinks a little cheese will get a result and declares that Sheila Carter is going down today.

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At Deacon’s, Sheila tells him that Bill wants her home — he says they have a future to plan. Deacon quips, “Invite me to the wedding.” They go over how unexpected the proposal was and Sheila asks if Deacon’s suggesting she shouldn’t trust Bill. Deacon replies, “That’s not what I said. Come here.” He embraces her. “You and I had some amazing times together and I’ll never forget you. Now you’ve got to go. Go make your future. Go.”

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In the FBI unit, Ridge mocks Bill, “How many candles are you lighting? You’re going to burn the place down.” Chen says Sheila’s coming onto the grounds. Ridge wishes Bill luck and says they’ve got his back.
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At Bill’s, Sheila comes through the door to find the romantic scene Bill’s set up. He’s keen to plan their future. Sheila’s sorry but her head is just spinning right now. Bill replies, “Slow down. I love you, nothing’s changed.” Sheila points out that making a commitment is a change — making her his wife. Bill recaps how Katie and Brooke never loved him for him and tried to change him. Sheila nods, “I never would.” Bill needs this — he’s burned every bridge in his life for her and wants to give her what she deserves but he can’t do that if she keeps holding back. “Say yes, say you’ll be my wife. Let me change your life.” Sheila tells him she’s fantasized about his moment her whole life; having someone who loves and cherishes her and won’t let go, but she’d given up hope. Now, here he is. He’s everything she ever dreamed of and hoped for — a man who truly loves her and who she can trust. “I want to believe everything you said, I really do, but I’ve learned a lot in life. When things seem too good to be true, they are. So, what’s really happening here? Are you playing me for a fool, Bill? Are you?”
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Next week on The Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila and Bill’s relationship takes a twisted turn.

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