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In Bill’s living room, Sheila can’t get over him proposing. Bill insists he’s ready to share his life with someone he can share his dreams and secrets with… and someone who is willing to do the same. “Just imagine what it will be like to be our authentic selves without judgment.” He implores, “Say yes, Sheila.”

In the FBI unit, the agent asks Ridge, “Do you think Sheila is buying this.” Ridge is certain Bill can pull it off and croons, “Come on, Sheila. Take the bait.”

At Forrester, Stephen complains to Brooke about Ridge being gone with Sheila Carter at large. “What is Ridge up to?”
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At Il Giardino, Deacon asks Hollis if he’s seen Brooke again. The bartender says she’s not ready to put herself out there again. Deacon muses that Ridge isn’t someone she’ll quickly get over. Hollis thinks it gets easier the longer he stays away, and then worries that he’s come back. Hollis changes the subject to Deacon and his love life, asking about his mystery woman. Deacon flashes to kissing Sheila before telling his employee to get back to work.

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At Forrester, Brooke tells her dad that criticizing Ridge doesn’t help. He has his reasons for being away. “He told me that whatever he’s doing is for himself and the well-being of the family.” Stephen scoffs, “Whatever that means.”

In the FBI unit, Ridge watches the screens and urges Sheila to put on the ring and spill her guts so they can lock her up.

In Bill’s living room, he tells Sheila that living together isn’t a commitment. This is his way of breaking down any final barriers that exist between them. “When I put this ring on your finger it means we can be open with each other about anything.” He starts to slip it on but Sheila pulls away and protests, “No, stop!”
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At Forrester, Stephen can’t believe that Bill is claiming to love Sheila Carter. Lucy can’t wrap her head around him putting people he cares about at risk. Brooke doesn’t think she’ll ever understand what Bill is doing with Sheila. They keep talking about how terrifying it is to have Sheila walking around free. Stephen fumes about Ridge not being there again. “Ridge wants to disappear, fine, but let him do it another time. Not when his family needs him most!”
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At Bill’s place, he asks her if she doesn’t want a future together. Sheila never imagined being Mrs. Bill Spencer. Bill wants to show the naysayers what she means to him. “With you by my side, I don’t feel like I have to hide anything from anyone.” He goes on about wanting to be the keepers of each other’s deepest, darkest secrets. “This ring says you can believe in me completely.” He implores her to walk through the door to their future. Sheila marvels, “A future where I’m your wife.” She brings up his sons, but Bill says he knows what’s best for him. “And that’s you.” Sheila asks what he’s really talking about here. “I’m not naïve, Bill.” She’s sure he’s run this by his lawyers and she’ll have to sign a prenup. Bill chuckles, “There’s no prenup.” There’s nothing but his full, undying commitment to her. “Put the ring on, Sheila. Say you’ll marry me.” Sheila says this is the last thing she was expecting. Bill reminds her of all the nights cuddling in front of the fire talking about their future. Sheila often can’t tell what he’s thinking or how he feels about her. Bill notes it’s hard for people like them to trust. “We’re able to be real with each other. That’s the beauty of this.” Sheila tells Bill this is what she’s always wanted; always craved. Bill replies, “Then say yes.” Sheila needs time to process. This is a huge step and will change the course of her life. Bill chuckles that it will definitely change her future. Sheila has to go for a drive and won’t be long. Bill wants her to take the ring with her. “See how it feels. I’ll be here waiting for you.” Sheila assures him she won’t be long and she’ll be back with an answer. Bill kisses her and she leaves.
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In the FBI unit, Ridge grouses about Bill letting her leave. The agent says he’ll have her followed. Ridge marvels at her thinking a judge would just let her walk free. The agent agrees — for a criminal mastermind, Sheila is rather naïve. Ridge goes on about the need to put her away for murder one. The agent learns that Sheila ran off to Deacon Sharpe’s apartment… again.

In his apartment, Deacon lets Sheila in and asks her what’s going on. Sheila says, “It’s Bill.” She goes on about how unbelievable and unimaginable it is what he’s done. She recaps that he helped her gain her freedom and kept her out of jail… now she knows why. “He loves me, Deacon. He truly loves me.” Deacon asks if he did something to demonstrate this. Sheila tells him about the gorgeous diamond engagement ring. Deacon’s floored that the billionaire proposed to the felon. Sheila explains he wants to ensure they’ll always be together and wants her to open up to him completely. “I can’t believe this, I mean, he wants me to be Mrs. Bill Spencer.”

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In the FBI unit, Ridge talks to Bill on the phone and tells him he handled it perfectly but then he put too much spin on it with the honesty and trust stuff — he’s concerned Bill tipped her off. Bill reminds him the idea was to lay it on thick and get the confession. He’s about at the end of his rope and wants to get the confession and be done with this. Ridge tells him, “Your girlfriend is at Deacon’s.” Bill can’t get over this and wonders, “What? She has to get permission from that dimwit pizza-maker to accept my proposal?” Ridge is sure he’ll give it to her. Bill says when she gets back there he’ll slip the ring on her finger and make her squeal like a pig. “She will confess to everybody she’s offed, and then we will have her Forrester.”

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At Deacon’s, Sheila shows him the rock and reiterates that Bill proposed and wants to marry her. “Is this really happening? Is it too good to be true?”
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