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At Bill’s place, Sheila comes in from the terrace sipping a coffee.

In the FBI unit, Bill watches Sheila and mutter about the smug bitch in his house. Ridge appears and asks why he’s there. Bill declares he’s finally figured out how to get Sheila to confess to multiple murders. “I’m going to propose.”

At Forrester, Brooke gushes, “This is such a surprise!” as she hugs her father Stephen and his lady friend, Lucy. Stephen explains they’re on their way up north and thought they’d check in. They go over Thomas sabotaging Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. Brooke says Ridge would be married to Taylor now if Steffy hadn’t stepped up.
Lucy Stephen Brooke B&B

In the design office, Hope apologizes for having to run the other day. She wants to continue their conversation. Steffy knows what she’s going to say but tells Hope that Paris reminded her the other day of what she said not that long ago. “That you were attracted to my brother.” Hope smirks and denies saying she was attracted to Thomas. Steffy argues that she said he was hot. Hope scoffs that it was a comment in passing. Steffy asks if it’s true she’s attracted to her brother and thinks he’s hot.

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In the main office, Brooke, Stephen, and Lucy have sat down to chat and continue to go over what happened with Ridge. Stephen can’t understand why he didn’t fight for their marriage.
Lucy Stephen Brooke B&B

In the FBI unit, Bill clarifies that he has no intention of actually marrying the Bride of Frankenstein, he’ll be proposing to get her out of his life. Ridge skeptically asks if he really thinks she’ll buy a proposal from him. Bill reminds him that he’s responsible for her freedom and she wants a permanent protector. “Sheila loves me in her own warped way. I can get her to confess her crimes, and therefore protect our families, by showing her my total commitment.” He adds, “What says ‘forever more’ more than a marriage proposal?” They both turn to watch Sheila on the screen.

At Forrester, Stephen thinks it’s wonderful that Brooke and Taylor chose themselves over Ridge. Brooke says they have a lot in common and are enjoying each other. Her father wonders how Ridge feels about all this. Brooke throws up her hands.
Lucy Stephen Brooke B&B

At the FBI unit, Ridge and Bill spar verbally. Bill admits he’s running out of patience and says every time that ‘thing’ touches him he wants to be disinfected by a hazmat crew. She needs to go back to prison where she belongs. Ridge tells him he’s doing a good thing. “Let’s get it done because I would like to get back to my life.” He asks when Bill will propose. Bill says, “Today.” He’s bent on getting a confession one way or another and then they’ll trade that ring for a set of bracelets. Ridge teases that Sheila Spencer has a nice ring to it. Bill urges him to stick to sewing.

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In the design office, Hope wonders why Steffy is asking if she thinks Thomas is hot. Steffy’s job is to protect the line. Thomas assured her there were no issues. Hope reminds Steffy she’s fully committed to Liam. Steffy knows that but she wants her to be honest and realistic with herself about her attraction to Thomas.

In Bill’s living room, Sheila smiles as she flashes to Bill telling her he loves her and she’s what he needs.

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In the FBI unit, Ridge and the agent watch as Bill approaches his front door. Ridge muses, “This could get real interesting real fast.”

At Bill’s place, Sheila ask where he got to and he teases about still having a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

At Forrester, Stephen bets Ridge is surprised at the twist of Taylor and Brooke becoming friends and alludes to them sending him packing. Brooke reminds her father he’ll be in their lives forever. Talk turns to Sheila Carter being on the loose. Stephen sneers about Ridge being off licking his wounds instead of protecting his family. He decides to give the man a call and give him a piece of his mind.
Lucy Stephen Brooke B&B

In the FBI unit, Ridge takes Stephen’s call and listens to him complain about him being away at a “time like this”. Ridge says he has a lot on his plate and it’s not a good time. Stephen rants about Sheila Carter being a dangerous woman and says, “My daughter deserves better from you.” Ridge vows to protect his loved ones and disconnects before returning to listen to Bill and Sheila.

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In Bill’s living room, he gushes to Sheila about what a difference she’s made in his life. He used to dread walking through the door, “But now you’re here for me… and only me.” She said he gave her a second chance and she’s done the same for him. He recalls the night they connected so intensely on the beach. Sheila says she’ll never forget it. Bill recaps that he’s moved her into his home and stood by her ever since. Sheila gets choked up when she thinks about it, “But you tell me you love me and that you opened up to me but I’ve got to be honest, there are times when I don’t know what you’re thinking.” Bill feels the same way about her. He insists it’s just his nature to be withdrawn at time. He’s been incredibly open with her and wants her to do the same, but he knows she’s not there yet. Bill wants no barriers between them. She can express anything about her past and he will never leave her. “My commitment is 100% and I want you to know that.” Sheila says she does. Bill decides she needs action not just words. “I’m going to show you that you can believe in me and you can believe in our life together.”
Sheila Bill B&B

In the design office, Hope admits that Thomas is attractive. She thinks many other women in the office would agree, but her feelings aren’t complicated. She only agreed to work with him to save her line. Steffy’s just looking out for her and Thomas. Hope assures her there’s no reason to be concerned.

In the main office, Stephen complains about Ridge hanging up on him and asks where he is. Brooke says he’s away and he claims to be doing something important, not just for him but their entire family. She knows there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them.

In the FBI unit, Ridge urges, “Come on, Bill.”

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In Bill’s living room, he recaps how his life changed that night on the beach. Sheila states that she has her freedom because of him. Bill sees their future and knows exactly where she belongs. “Right here in this house by my side. Forever.” Sheila stammers, “Forever.” Bill reiterates that she’s changed his life and he wants to do the same for her, permanently. He pulls out a ring box and gets down on one knee in front of Sheila who is seated on the coffee table. She says the ring is gorgeous — she’s never seen anything like it.
Bill ring B&B

Bill asks her to make him happier than he’s ever been and agree to be Mrs. Bill Spencer. No more secrets between them, as one. “Marry me. Tell me you’ll be my wife.”
Sheila Bill proposal B&B

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila confides in Deacon about Bill’s proposal, and Stephen expresses his anger about Ridge to Brooke.

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